Saturday, December 21, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Former NSA director Rogers Is cooperating with probe of Trump-Russia investigation

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Ex-NSA director Rogers cooperating with probe of Trump-Russia investigation: Matthew Cole
AG Barr: James Comey is a Serial Liar: ACE
Former NSA Director Mike Rogers Working With John Durham For Several Months: CTH

Seven Democrats Shared How They’re Going to Destroy America: John Di Lemme
Everything about Omar is a fraud, starting with her name: Scott Johnson
Senator Schumer’s Vicious Lie: M. Dowling

Bummer: Dems' own witness says no impeachment unless articles go to Senate: Fox
Dershowitz: Pelosi Doesn’t Have The Impeachment Power She Believes: Rudy Takala
Speaker Pelosi Invites President Trump to Deliver State of Union 2/4/20: CTH

Massive MS-13 bust: Officials charge 96 members in gang takedown: Post
Pelosi’s MS-13 gang — & their “spark of divinity” — made “inoperable” on LI: M. Dowling
Biden Willing To Destroy Millions of Jobs Over ‘Climate Change’ Fight: OAN


How rich Dems made their money helps explain political values: Jon Caldara
Unemployment in South Africa: MB
In 2019, homelessness truly felt like a crisis in every corner of L.A.: Erika D. Smith

Scandal Central

Bombshell: Durham seeking Brennan's emails, call logs, and other documents from the CIA: Thomas Lifson
Will John Brennan be indicted?: Paul Mirengoff
New York Times Report: John Durham Seeking CIA Director Brennan Communications: CTH

FISC Releases Judge Collyer Order – What Other FISA Cases Was Kevin Clinesmith Involved In?: CTH
Lisa Page Email Shows Direct Evidence of Investigative Leaking and Bias IG Horowitz Said He Could Not Find: CTH
Durham Is Scrutinizing Ex-C.I.A. Director’s Role in Russian Interference Findings: @TheLastRefuge2


Who Will Protect Us From The Press?: Charles "Sam" Faddis
Trump Stands Impeached: A Response To Noah Feldman: Jonathan Turley
Lara Logan sues New York magazine and writer for $25 million: Sharyl Attkisson

Ex-AG Mukasey: Adam Schiff Broke Laws in Subpeonaeing Phone Records from Verizon and AT&T: Ace
Post-Impeachment, CNN Admits US Economy Received Best Ranking in Nearly 20 Years: Joseph Vazquez
Rasmussen Poll: 51% Agree Impeachment Is ‘Abuse of Power’ By Democrats: Greg Manz


Turkey is allowing senior Hamas operatives to plot jihad attacks against Israel from Istanbul: Robert Spencer
The end of Remain: Brendan O’Neill
British Aircraft Carriers Could Soon Be Sailing In The U.S. Navy: Michael Peck

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Astronomers Just Spotted the Most Massive Neutron Star Ever: Futurism
Walmart's Amazon attack plan could put 5G antennas, servers in stores: Richard Lawler
Water Thieves Steal 80,000 Gallons in Australia as Our Mad Max-Style Future Becomes Reality: Matt Novak


Swindlers List: Stilton’s Place
The Beginning of the End of Darkness: MOTUS
Italian prosecutors believe that Joseph Mifsud the man who started RussiaGate, 'is Dead': Sara Carter



Whoopie said...

Nobody who personally knows and likes Biden would ever want him to share a debate stage with Trump. Because afterward, Biden will have been so utterly humiliated that he'd go home, go out on his balcony with his shotgun and blow his brains out (assuming he could hit such a small target).

commoncents said...

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