Monday, December 02, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx: "My first and foremost witness is Adam Schiff": Collins demands answers on whistleblower

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'My first witness is Adam Schiff': Collins demands answers on whistleblower: Madison Dibble
White House Responds To HJC Chairman Nadler Impeachment Hearing Demands: CTH
Democrats have lost the impeachment war. Even Adam Schiff knows it: Tucker Carlson

See You on the Dark Side of the Moon: Jim Quinn
Don’t Ask if the Military Trusts POTUS, Ask if the Nation Can Still Trust the Military: RS
Plot against president is real – And bigger than many think: Newt Gingrich

Video: Biden Shares Story of Young Kids Rubbing His Hairy Legs in the Pool: Matt Margolis
September 2019: Bloomberg a Huge Fan of Red China: @Yashar
Buttigieg Nods to Agree That Illegals Are Reclaiming Stolen Land: Ryan Saavedra

Sunday Talks: Andy Biggs Discusses Heavily Rushed Impeachment Schedule: CTH
Dan Bongino: More evidence that the deep state 'is in a panic': F&F
Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for December 2, 2019: BattleSwarm


USAID: a huge slush fund that is likely abused more than any other taxpayer-funded scam: Roscoe B. Davis
Evanston, Illinois’ use of weed taxes for reparations won’t solve deeper problems: John Ruberry
Whenever a Californian Bleats About Climate Change, Show Them Their Own Crowded Highway: Jared Harris

Scandal Central

Questions Answered – FBI Resistance Lawyer Lisa Page Takes Center Stage to Play Victim Card: CTH
Lisa Page Speaks: ‘There’s No Fathomable Way I Have Committed Any Crime at All’: Molly Jong-Fast
Durham Needs to Bring Indictments: Chris Farrell


How Christianity Remade the World: Marvin Olasky
Newsweek Fires Anti-Trump Reporter Behind False Thanksgiving Story: Michael van der Galien
Sunday Talks: Doug Collins -vs- Chris Wallace: CTH

'Come on!': Insane Partisan Chuck Todd accuses GOP senator of echoing Putin: Ellie Bufkin
Washington Post Editorial Board: “Only Mischief Makers Promote Gun Sanctuaries”: Herschel Smith
Decade of disaster: Newspaper staffs cut in half, 33,000 jobs lost: Paul Bedard


Why and How the U.S. Should Stop Financing China’s Bad Actors: Roger W. Robinson, Jr.
Hong Kong Protesters Sing American National Anthem to Thank Trump for Signing China Bills: PJM
Chilling Words of Usman Khan, the London Bridge Terrorist: M. Dowling

Hamas explosives chief accidentally blows himself up: LI
Turkey: Seeking to Relive the Glory/Gory Days of Jihad: Raymond Ibrahim
Canadian Comedian Ordered to Pay $35,000 over a Joke: Matt Margolis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Exposed: China’s Operating Manuals For Mass Internment And Arrest By Algorithm: Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV's security: Zack Whittaker
China Adopts Malicious "Cybersecurity" Rules: Gordon G. Chang


Only 23 Shopping Days Till Christmas: MOTUS
The Tooth Hurts: Stilton’s Place
Ka-Boom!: Earl of Taint



Anonymous said...

The Democrats love to gift the American people.
Remember their "deeming" ObamaCare into law at Christmas time?
Now this Season they want to Schiff us with their Nadler.
Ewww, some Christmas party dat, avoid the raisins in the eggnog.

commoncents said...

Joe Biden wisdom "I got hairy legs. . . i learned about roaches. . . I love kids jumping on my lap" (video)