Sunday, December 08, 2019

MARK LEVIN: The Next Democrat President Must be Impeached

By Mark R. Levin

I am of the opinion that the next Democrat president must be impeached.

That's the only way to stop this.

If the Republicans control the House, they must impeach the next Democrat President to ensure this sort of thing is never repeated.

The next Democrat President must be impeached? What are grounds? It doesn't matter.

With Trump, they were talking impeachment when he was a candidate. They were talking impeachment the day he got elected. I told you, this is all sham. It's a scam. It's a ruse.

The only way to stop them is to turn the political and impeachment guns on them.

The next Democrat president must be impeached.

The Republican Congress can take a page from Nadler, from Waters, from Engel, from Schiff and all the rest.

They should issue scores and scores of subpoenas. Scores of subpoenas, for financial information, for bank records, for tax information; all kinds of communications with, around and about the president; issue subpoenas for the president's White House Counsel, Chief of Staff, National Security Adviser, and other people who are closest to the president so he ceases to function.

You want to burden this Democrat president as much as possible. You want to undermine him as much as possible.

And you can wave around the Pelosi doctrine, the Schiff doctrine, the Nadler doctrine, and all the rest of them. Use their rules and take him down.

Do the Republicans have the guts to do so? I doubt it, but they must.

It is the only way to fix the Constitutional order when it comes to impeachment, because the Democrats are creating this precedent.

Now let them eat it.

Joe Biden would be the perfect Democrat president to be impeached.

Start subpoenaing all of his records; all of his phone calls with Ukraine, all of his phone calls with Red China.

You bring Hunter Biden in for 30 hours of secret testimony, like they brought Don Jr. in.

You create a special counsel, the way they created a special counsel against President Trump.

You demand Joe Biden testify in person and, when he refuses, you claim he has something to hide.

Imagine using their tools and their rhetoric against their guy. Or gal, it could be Elizabeth Warren, another liar. She's another one with interesting finances. Well, we want to get to the bottom of it.

The next Democrat president must be impeached.

And Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Nadler and the others; CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC and the others; they have all laid the foundation.

And the only way to stop this is to destroy their foundation with their guy or their lady.



Anonymous said...

We will make them wish they had never been born.

Anonymous said...

Far better to NOT elect one in the first place..............


Let's assume that - horrors! - a Democrat wins in 2020. And that we have the ability to impeach. And do.

Won't matter.

They are missionaries. It will be back to "Impeachment is an outrage" and "Overturning the election" and so on. You cannot Cannot CANNOT shame these people.

thebronze said...


RepubliCants don't have the sack to do anything of the sort!! They're cowards!!

Anonymous said...

The previous President MUST be IMPEACHED! Let's start with the impeachment of Barry S!
Slam Dunk!

Anthony Stavros said...

Oh thats going to happen for sure! Goddamn Republicans are complicit and corrupt. Trump, the only promise you made that we cared about was drain the swamp. DO IT!

Anonymous said...

Let's Impeach the LAST Democrat pResident.

He's a fvcking criminal.


Anonymous said...

And whoever it is, we can be sure they WILL deserve it!