Sunday, December 15, 2019

JUST CLICK, BABY: Contact List for Vulnerable Democrats in Districts Trump Won, Simply Click to Call or Tweet

We've already flipped two Democrats to Republicans. Let's keep up the pressure! We have created a simple web page --- ("VD" stands for Vulnerable Democrats:-) --- that allows you to simply click to call or tweet Democrats in Congressional districts that President Trump won.

Click here to barrage these fakers: a vote for impeachment is a vote against you (please distribute far and wide).


doc nova said...

Except when I follow the link my antivirus flags the website as trying to load a Trojan. It might be safer to just look up your own Rep. Mine is a RINO, but the Rep in the adjacent district is Kendra Horn, a surprise winner in 2018 and on very thin ice.

Anonymous said...

Melt the phones