Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Horowitz report is damning for the FBI and unsettling for the rest of us

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Horowitz report is damning for the FBI and unsettling for the rest of us: Jonathan Turley
Democrats announce articles of impeachment against Trump: Exam
Jim Jordan Eviscerates Democrat Impeachment Narrative and a Key Witness: CTH

Conflict Clarity – The Reason for Conflict Between Horowitz and Durham is Crystal Clear: CTH
IG: compelling evidence FBI misled FISA court in Russia case, sources say: John Solomon
Gohmert: A King Is Someone Who Makes New Law with a Pen and a Phone: Melanie Arter

FISA abuse — Obama's FBI turned into arm of Hillary Clinton campaign: Lix Harrington
The FISA Abuse Conclusions are a Joke and Horowitz is a Hack: Roscoe B. Davis
13 Things To Look For In The Inspector General FISA Abuse Report: Margot Cleveland

To justify impeachment, Democrats are spinning the law on impoundment: Nathaniel Cogley
Turley says wife, dog threatened: 'Who would shoot a Goldendoodle?': Joe Concha
Virginia sheriff vows to deputize residents in response to expected gun control laws: Fox

Biden Praises Group Who ‘Display The Confederate Flag’ As ‘Fine People’: Ryan Saavedra
Car burglaries in some California cities are at crisis levels. Prosecutors say their hands are tied: Patrick McGreevy
The ‘Baby Muhammad’ Jihad Comes to America: Raymond Ibrahim

Scandal Central

DOJ inspector general slams Bruce Ohr for 'consequential errors in judgment': Jerry Dunleavy
'Treason': House Judiciary Committee Report Implicates Trump in Ultimate Crime: Joel B. Pollak
Nadler fails to swear in witnesses in impeachment hearing: Joel B. Pollak

IG Report – Continued, Specific, FISA Date Redactions: CTH
Lindsey Graham Press Conference – Three Key FISA Moments Highlight Gross FBI Misconduct: CTH
New Poll Finds Trump Beating 2020 Democrats In Pennsylvania, Michigan, And Wisconsin: Mike LaChance


Trump Was Right From the Beginning: George Neumayr
What's Going on With Drudge? Rasmussen Claims 'Matt's Not There Anymore...Word Is He Sold': Paula Bolyard
#FISAReport: 10 Questions Senators Should Ask IG Horowitz at Wednesday’s Hearing: Jodi Giddings


Palestinian Terror Payments: Pay For Slay: Dov Lipman
Guilty! I Support the Iranian Protestors: Kenneth R. Timmerman
Norway: A Fake "Translation": Bruce Bawer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Lost Ethiopian town comes from an ancient empire that rivalled Rome: Michael Marshall
How did supermassive black holes grow so fast?: Jonathan O'callaghan
How Amazon created AWS and changed technology forever: MarketWatch


Another Nidal in a Haystack: Stilton’s Place
Laughing at Trump: GOC


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