Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx: Administrative state: Why federal bureaucrats are at the center of the impeachment crisis

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Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers: The Texas Victory That Changed American History Hardcover, by Brian Kilmeade
Why federal bureaucrats are at the center of impeachment crisis: Daniel Greenfield
Obama State Dept. in Contact with Russian Embassy Weeks Before Trump Sworn In: JW
Hold on There. Civil War Not Necessary: Alicia Colon

Gun Confiscation Comes to Virginia: Jed Babbin
4 Key Exchanges as Supreme Court Hears NYC Handgun Case: Elizabeth Slattery
SCOTUS: Gun Rights Unlikely to be Expanded in NY Regulation Hearing: Herschel Smith

Rattling the Cage Doors: According to Hoyt
This impeachment drive is a huge political bust for Democrats: David Harsanyi
Anyone Else Sick Of Investigations, Probes And Inquiries?: Andrew Malcolm

Hit The Road, Joe: Biden Tries A Bus Tour To Salvage Iowa: Andrew Malcolm
Kamala Harris’ Campaign Is on the Verge of Collapsing: Sister Toldjah
Hunter Biden skips court hearing over child support as his lawyer abruptly quits: Daily Mail

Why Founder James Wilson supported Electoral College over popular vote: Rob Natelson
New Koch-Soros foreign policy think tank headed by Iran deal advocates: Jerry Dunleavy
Maxine’s not far-left enough for the Freshman communistas: M. Dowling


Charter Schools Get Better Results with Less Money Than Government‐​Run Schools: Corey A. DeAngelis
Exit interview: Peter Lynn of the LA Homeless Services Authority: Steve Chiotakis
Sacrebleu! Lighthizer Announces 100% Countervailing Duties on $2.4 Billion of French Products: CTH

Scandal Central

Lisa Page is Not a Victim: Sara Carter
Dershowitz Blasts Lawsuit By Epstein Accuser As A ‘Shakedown Plot’: OAN
21 Reasons Not To Believe Christine Blasey Ford’s Claims About Justice Kavanaugh: Hemingway & Severino


“Harold Finch” Sifts Through the Desperate Legacy Media Spin Campaign: Stu Cvrk
Byron York Repudiates Lisa Page’s Claim That She’s the Real Victim: Twitchy
Prominent Historians Criticize The NY Times’ 1619 Project As ‘Biased,’ ‘Anti-Historical’: John Sexton

10 People Were Shot in New Orleans. Why Doesn't the Media Care?: Daniel Greenfield
Barr rejects key finding in report on Russia probe: report: Justine Coleman
DOJ knocks Washington Post article on IG report, cautions against speculation: Jeff Mordock

Zelensky’s statement exonerates President Trump, but mainstream media is spinning it falsely: JD Rucker
David Brooks and the Lizard People: Matthew J. Peterson (2018)
Trump Campaign Won't Credential Bloomberg News Reporters: Breitbart


Unprecedented Leaks Underscore Deep Discontent Inside China: Helen Raleigh
'Special users': Chinese app TikTok limiting reach of videos from fat and gay people: John Gage
Is Zimbabwe’s economy nearing collapse?: BBC

Iran: Regime loses its top EU Cheerleader, 900 Protesters Murdered, 13,000 Arrested: GWP
Venezuela suffers another power cut that leaves much of the country in darkness: SDD
Chinese Police Interrogators Put Man In Device And Grill Him For Making Joke About Them On Social Media: WZ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The silent “sixth” sense: Brian Resnick
Israeli scientists find way to treat deadly pancreatic cancer in 14 days: JPost
Backstory: Global warbling: Julia Gorin (2006)


Tyler Perry Pays Medical Expenses for Couple Stranded in Mexico: Black Enterprise
Bring Back the #HeathrowBears: MOTUS
PS Fun: Sondrakistan

QOTD: “It is ironic that liberals are obsessing about foreign interference in our elections when the truth is that many foreigners are voting here illegally and any effort to prevent that is halted by the Democrats. The canard that voter ID requirements alienate voters has to be put to rest. Picture IDs are routinely required at banks, hotels, even grocery stores. Shouldn’t elections be held to a higher standard?” --Alicia Colon

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