Monday, February 17, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Burn Down the DOJ and Start Over

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
Burn Down the DOJ and Start Over: Kurt Schlichter
Tlaib accuses Census of 'erasing' people from Middle East: Andrew Mark Miller
Prosecutors Dodge Flynn’s Arguments, Attempt To Hide Evidence: Margot Cleveland

Durham examining interagency turf war over Obama emails hacked by Russia: Jerry Dunleavy
McCabe and Lynch Threatened the NY Field Office of the FBI: Tracy Beanz
Trump Charges the Liberal Hacks’ Latest Ambush: Kurt Schlichter

NYC subway thief thanks Democrats after his 139th arrest, release: 'Bail reform, it’s lit!': Fox
Pop the Popcorn: NV’s Caucus Heading Full Speed Down SNAFU Highway: RS
Klobuchar Slams Bloomberg: Stop Hiding Behind Airwaves and Ad Buys: Beth Baumann


AB5 Backfire: California’s Fascist Gig-Work Law Already Causing Chaos: Phillip Sprincin
Trump hasn’t ended Obama’s war on the suburbs: Paul Mirengoff
Watch: Bloomberg Thinks American Farmers Are Brainless Dopes: Clash

Scandal Central

A history of the litany of abuses and over-reach that occurred at the DOJ during Obama's tenure: Jeff Carlson
This case has got on my goat: James A Wolfe was indicted on 3 counts…: @JarradKushner
DOJ Corruption, The Fork in The Road Few Noticed: What Bill Barr Needs to Explain: CTH


Bloomberg told employee seeking daycare to go find 'some black who doesn't have to speak English': DailyMail
Bill Maher's audience boos him for defending Bloomberg comments on stop and frisk: Emma Colton
CNN And MSNBC Analysts Sign Petition Urging William Barr To Resign: Chuck Ross

Top Mueller prosecutor: DOJ starting new investigation into Comey, McCabe, and Strzok: Daniel Chaitin
Binney: I Told Pompeo There Was No Russia Hack Two Years Later, He Still Hasn’t Told Trump: Kari Donovan
New 1776 Project Aims to Counter ‘Lethal’ Narrative of 1619 Project: Cole Carnick


US evacuates Diamond Princess cruise passengers; 40 Americans on board test positive for coronavirus: USA Today
U.S. Vows to Continue Backing Fight Against Islamic Terror in Africa: Adam Kredo
WHO Says Coronavirus Outbreak Shouldn’t Be Politicized, As Cases Now Surpass 71,000: Patrick Goodenough

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

You Thought Quantum Mechanics Was Weird: Check out Entangled Time: Elise Crull
Iran Has Been Targeting VPN Servers to Plant Backdoors: Slashdot
Here's Why It's Taking So Long to Develop a Vaccine For The New Coronavirus: ScienceAlert


Minimum Rage: Stilton’s Place
Poll: Americans Say They Will Vote For Bloomberg If That Makes Him Stop Airing Ads: Diogenes
Vote For Bloomberg! This Article Was Definitely Not Paid For By Mike Bloomberg (He’s The Best): Babylon Bee


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