Monday, February 24, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Warning: House Schedules Backroom FISA Renewal, While FISA Court and DOJ Delay

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Warning: House Schedules Backroom FISA Renewal, While FISA Court and DOJ Delay: CTH
The Loser Establishment Is Rightfully Terrified of Ric Grenell: Kurt Schlichter
John Ratcliffe Discusses Bogus ODNI Russia Briefing, Upcoming FISA Reauthorization: CTH

Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for February 24, 2020: BattleSwarm
Democratic panic over Sanders reaches fever pitch: Anthony Leonardi
Ronald Reagan warned us about Bernie Sanders – over 40 years ago: Paul Batura

Bernie Sanders: Fidel Castro Wasn’t So Bad: CTH
Liz Warren Pressed To Release NDAs Reportedly Hidden In Congress: Inquisitr
Ratcliffe: Adam Schiff is Russia's best asset in sowing election discord: Jerry Dunleavy

Pompeo Reveals Full Plan to Combat Iran, Deal Death Blow to Nuclear Deal: Adam Kredo
CDC didn’t want 14 coronavirus patients flown to US, but State Dept. did?: Beth Mole
Sunday Talks: NSA Robert O’Brien -vs- Margaret Brennan: CTH


New immigration crackdown begins, no more welfare: Paul Bedard
With Bernie Sanders as nominee, Democrats face tough task of running against capitalism: Exam
China & India spar over Coronavirus curbs: Times of India

Scandal Central

DNI Briefer Shelby Pierson “Overstated” (Manufactured) Intel on Russia Election Interference: CTH
Benghazi Susan Rice: DNI Grenell a 'Hack and a Shill' -- 'One of the Most Nasty, Dishonest People: Jeff Poor
John Ratcliffe Discusses Manufactured ODNI Intel Briefing on Russia and Upcoming FISA Reauthorization: CTH

FBI's 'Case Agent 1' Stephen Somma 'primarily responsible' for FISA failures: Exam
Trump said he'd like to abolish FISA: Report: Caitlin Yilek
Trump Accuses Adam Schiff of Leaking Intel to Hurt the Bernie Campaign: Bronson Stocking


The ISIS Plot in Kansas City You Heard Nothing About: Robert Spencer
Couple Charged After Running Teenage Boys On Bikes Off The Road For Their Trump Flags: Greg Price
Was Jihadi Really Inspired by Tommy Robinson and Robert Spencer?: Robert Spencer

Governor Blago makes Obama look bad in a Watters’ interview: M. Dowling
"Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound" How many times have we heard that?: Feral Irishman
Sunday Talks: Lindsey Graham -vs- Maria Bartiromo: CTH


Coronavirus: Wuhan to quarantine all cured patients for 14 days after some test positive again: He Huifeng
Coronavirus: Venice Carnival closes as Italy imposes lockdown: BBC
Passenger aboard Air Canada flight to Vancouver from Montreal tests positive for COVID-19: CBC

11 soldiers confirmed as coronavirus patients, 7,700 in quarantine: Yonhap News (South Korea)
World is approaching coronavirus tipping point, experts say: Guardian
Bible coming to life? Locusts 'plague' Middle East, Asia, Africa: Tzvi Joffre

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why the coronavirus outbreak increasingly looks like a pandemic: Julia Belluz
As of today (Feb 23), the US remains extremely limited in #COVID19 testing: Michael Mina
Coronavirus breakthrough: First 3D protein map paves way for vaccine design: Jackson Ryan


Hillary cameo on the ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ float was the toast of Mardi Gras: BPR
Feeling the Bernski: Stilton’s Place
Presidential Papers: Cube



Petercat said...

And he'll have a lot more after he bows out in favor of a more acceptable candidate.
This man has a history of being lazy. He doesn't want to be President, it's too much work.
He just wants to shake down the Democrats for as much as he can get before he steps down.

Unknown said...

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