Sunday, February 16, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Why Wasn’t Andrew McCabe Charged?

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Why Wasn’t Andrew McCabe Charged?: Andrew C. McCarthy
The Sentencing of Michael Flynn Represents a Very Big Problem for AG Bill Barr: CTH
Trump Administration to Deploy Elite Tactical Units to Sanctuary Cities: Rick Moran

Obama Admin. Tried To Meddle In Several Criminal Probes: OAN
As a Democrat, we should not allow institutionalized cheating in government: Steven Davidson
“You’re a f**king fascist!” – Gun rights protesters disrupt Bloomberg rally: Scoop

For Black History Month, give '1776' a read: Examiner
What Left-Wing Educators Don’t Teach During ‘Black History Month’: Larry Elder (2018)
Andrew McCabe Memo Highlights More Than Previously Understood: CTH

Drudge: Michael Bloomberg Considering Hillary Clinton as Running Mate: Charlie Spiering
Flip-Flop: Klobuchar Says English Should Not Be Official Language: Katherine Rodriguez
Bloomberg/Clinton Would Be The Most Anti-Gun Ticket In History: Cam Edwards


Expert: China Has 'Global Chokehold' on Medicine, Can Shut U.S. Pharmacies, Hospitals in Months: Robert Kraychik
Coronavirus Update: China’s Economy Burns: BattleSwarm
Joe And Hunter Biden’s China Connections Under Even Closer Scrutiny: Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund?: Corey’s Digs
Employee Allegedly Told Bloomberg She Was Pregnant. She Claims Bloomberg Told Her: ‘Kill It!’: Ryan Saavedra
Ilhan Omar's ex discovered she was cheating when he walked in on the lovers in pajamas in D.C.: Daily Mail

NSA Whistleblower Binney Says There Was No Russian Hack, as Stone Prosecution Claims: Kari Donovan
Whitaker Compares DOJ, McCabe -vs- Flynn, Says: “Concerned About Credibility of DOJ”: CTH
Spygate: The Villains Aren’t the Victims: Thaddeus G. McCotter


TrumpWorld Reacts To Report Bloomberg Could Tap Hillary To Be His VP: DC
The Wuhan Coronavirus – Some Real Truth: OmegaShock
Quarantined cruise ship passenger speaks out against US coronavirus evacuation plan: Gerren Keith Gaynor

Roger Stone case is about the left wanting to send political enemies to jail: Tucker Carlson
Revealed: How The Government Keeps Its UFO Information Secret: Jazz Shaw
Humiliating Video Montage of Slobbering Media Love Affair with Michael Avenatti is… Yikes: Caleb Howe


How Damaging Will the Coronavirus be to Xi Jinping’s Authority?: Brian Eaton
China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero: ZH
Senior China diplomat concedes challenge of coronavirus, slams 'overreaction': Reuters

The Rot Inside American Jewish Organizations: Seth Mandel
The Terrorists Migrating into Europe: Judith Bergman
‘They’ll be spewed onto Europe’: 3 million Syrian refugees could soon flee Bashar Assad: Joel Gehrke

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US health officials will check patients with flu-like symptoms for coronavirus: William Feuer
British scientist leading coronavirus fight says forecasts up to 400,000 UK deaths: DailyMail
Pelosi Backs President Trump’s Warnings On Huawei: OAN


Maybe A Motivational Speech Will Help...: Feral Irishman
But Can It Stay Aloft?: MOTUS
Feeling the Bern: Michael Ramirez


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Hillary has spent her life being a heartbeat away.
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