Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Pulling the Plug on Democrats’ Life Support

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Trump 2020 American Flag Vintage T-Shirt
Pulling the Plug on Democrats’ Life Support: Conrad Black
Joe Biden: Ukraine and Burisma’s Sugar Daddy: Julie Kelly
Nancy Pelosi Tears Up President Trump Speech Following State of The Union: CTH

It's Open Season for Conspiracy Mongers After Iowa Caucuses Debacle: Rick Moran
Can Bloomberg Capitalize On Iowa’s Caucus Chaos?: Cam Edwards
Pretending Not to Know – Media Wonder: What The Heck Happened to Joe Biden?: CTH

Buttigieg: 63 Million People Might Have Voted for Trump But All of Them Are Still Racist: TPI
Sanders Dominates Muslims Who Used ‘Translators’ During Caucus: Jose Nino
At least one Warren campaign worker is fed up with her LGBT fetish: Andrea Widburg

Susan Collins Will Vote to Acquit Trump on Both Articles of Impeachment: LI
Transcript of President Trump State of The Union Address: CTH
Carville: Iowa Democrat Turnout Was Terrible and What Happened to The Polling?: CTH

Scandal Central

Rand Paul Puts Up Sign With Eric Ciaramella’s Name On It, Asks About His Plot To ‘Take Out The President’: WZ
Iowa Is Why We Must Never Federalize Our Elections: John Nolte
Club Engineering: Dems Release Partial Iowa Results, Buttigieg Lead, Bernie Screwed, Biden Covered: CTH

DOJ report on FBI abuses opens door for spirited Flynn counterattack: World Tribune
Democrats Refuse To Applaud Young Black Girl Who Receives Scholarship: RSW
Gingrich: Censure Nancy Pelosi for Tearing Up Trump's SOTU Speech: Joshua Caplan


What Rush Means To Us, And To Me: Kurt Schlichter
Iowa caucuses: Legitimate disaster or cover for a more nefarious plan?: Andrea Widburg
Rush’s illness proves once again the hate comes from the left: M. Dowling

Gallup Poll: Trump Surges To 49% Approval, Bests Obama: YWN
Nancy Pelosi shamed herself at Trump’s State of the Union address: Michael Goodwin
Who is Jake Tapper? No one on 'Jeopardy' has a clue: Joe Kovacs


Did the Chinese Coronavirus Start as a Bioweapon Program? | The China Report: Joshua Philipp
Iran’s Zarif phones Abbas to voice opposition to Trump plan: TOI
What I Discovered at the Brexit Celebration Party: Katie Hopkins

Data Suggests Virus Infections Under-Reported, Exaggerating Fatality Rate: Cate Cadell
China deaths rise to 490, Japan confirms 10 cases on ship: Ken Moritsugu
NIH doctor says 25% of coronavirus cases in China are ‘very serious,’ requiring ‘intensive care’: CNBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Suspicious Facts Behind The Iowa App: Trevor Loudon
Iowa Democrats Were Warned About App Problems Last Week, Says Report: Daily Feast
US tests pilotless combat jets controlled from another aircraft: DefenceTalk


Super Bowl Ads: Detritus From a Cultural Wasteland: MOTUS
Verified Twitter Piles On Ailing Rush Limbaugh After SOTU Medal Of Freedom Presentation: Emily Jashinsky
Mark Levin shreds Super Bowl for 'soft porn' halftime show, asks what happened to #MeToo?: BizPac Review



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