Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Why is The New York Times Outing Lower Level FBI Spygate Operatives?

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Why is The New York Times Outing Lower Level FBI Spygate Operatives?: CTH
Nunes: FBI probe into Trump campaign began in late 2015, not 2016: Alex Nitzberg
FBI Agent Faulted In FISA Report For ‘Significant’ Errors Finally Identified: Chuck Ross

Democrat Rep. Of Cuban Descent Rips Bernie’s Castro Defense: DailyWire
Maybe Obama is cool with Bernie: Don Surber
Bloomberg Prepares to Blitz Bernie: CTH

Ninth Circuit Rules Stripping Funding From Abortion Clinics Is Constitutional: DC
AOC’s Fellow Democrats likely to Eliminate Her House Seat: Jarrett
ICE Should Deport George Soros as a Nazi Collaborator: Daniel Greenfield

Is the Intelligence Community planning to meddle in 2020 election?: Byron York
The Counter-Coup Has Begun: Sebastian Gorka
AZ Sheriff on Stopping Cartels From Trafficking Drugs, Humans: Rachel del Guidice


How A Russian’s Grocery Store Trip In 1989 Exposed The Lie Of Socialism: Jon Miltimore
A Failed State: California Admits It Can’t Teach Black Children How to Read: CalMatters
WH Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses Coronavirus as an Actual and Economic Contagion: CTH

Scandal Central

Declassified FBI memos undercut Mueller team claims that Papadopoulos hindered Russia probe: Lee Smith
The FBI’s New York Field Office, Stephen Somma, and More Odd Omissions from the IG Report: Stephen McIntyre
House Republicans considering criminal referrals against Mueller prosecutors: John Solomon

The Great Lou Dobbs: “No FISA Reauthorization” Without Reform and Sunlight: CTH
Odd - California Sheriff Now Says No Conclusion of Suicide in Mysterious Death of DHS Whistle-blower: CTH
It Ain’t Over For Andy McCabe: Chris Farrell


Overhyped Coronavirus Weaponized Against Trump: EIB
Why Donald Trump Loves Black Americans: Baldilocks
Ex-Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch “lands” seven-figure book deal for book no one will ever read: Jon Levine


The possibilities of a US-Indo alliance are YUGE: Sumantra Maitra
President Trump Delivers Remarks at “Namaste Trump” Rally – Motera Cricket Stadium: CTH
President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit the Taj Mahal – Video and Pictures: CTH

COVID-19: World must act 'to prevent a potential pandemic' says WHO after Italy deaths: Alastair Jamieson
Is the death toll in #Wuhan 200K instead of 2K?: SecretChina
B.C.'s 7th COVID-19 case connected to woman who flew from Iran: Karin Larsen

One of Korean Air's cabin crew tests positive for coronavirus: Reuters
Iran's deputy health minister tests positive for coronavirus – local media: RT
Clashes On Greek Islands In Protest Against Migrant Camp: OANN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Perverse Panic over Plastic: John Tierney
Once widely criticized, the Wuhan quarantine bought the world time to prepare for Covid-19: Sharon Begley
China bans trade, consumption of wild animals due to coronavirus: Reuters


Cuban Americans Tell What Life Under Castro Was Really Like: Fred Lucas
Forget the Coronavirus Pandemic: It’s Mardi Gras!: MOTUS
'Kill it!' becomes Bloomberg's riveting new campaign slogan: Cube



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