Tuesday, February 04, 2020

PLEASE REVIEW THIS RESUME: This Dude Needs a Job, In Case Anyone Can Help

Thank you for your attention to this call for help from Tyler Dinucci:

If you can help, please let Tyler know.       Hat tip: BadBlue 24x7 News.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Democrats look upon the actions and policies of their Leaders and Party tonight and say "I haven't left the Democratic Party, they left me".

This County and our generation has been uniquely blessed to have been parenthesized by Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, two "saviors" if you will, who have shown us that the "Derek" - the well trodden path - is a better one.

Steve in Greensboro said...

Note to Tyler: It's not too late to start over. But before you start over, you need to think about the bad decisions that took you to this place. Try restaurant work or construction. These industries need people and would probably take even you.

Trialdog said...

Tyler, I tried to verify your resume and learned you did not do most of those things listed. Rather, you “borrowed” the accomplishment of several other high ranking democratic party policy advisors and listed them as your own. Not only have you stolen the accomplishments of others, you aggregated these accomplishments to make yourself look ridiculously over qualified to serve as an advisor to any democratic party affiliated entity. Look, I know why you did it, but it’s still wrong. I suggest you submit the resume to CNN and MSNBC. You’re sure to get an interview at either one, assuming, of course, you have some political connections who can “vouch” for you.

Anonymous said...

So, they're going to blame this fiasco on the poor programmer. Don't buy it. I have a bridge in Brooklynn . . .

This is nothing more than flagrant vote fraud. The NYT had the figures before anyone else that night. It is obvious Bernie won handily in the first round. In the second round, they started to panic and had to find more votes for Bootyboy because they do not want Bernie to win. Apparently, they didn't round up enough, so they need some time to throw some of Bernie's votes away and further game the vote. I'll bet you that so-called 'vote' will not stand up to examination. Bernie and his naive supporters have been defrauded again.

Make no mistake: this is flagrant voter fraud, not incompetence. The Dems would rather have you laugh at them than jail them, which they richly deserve.