Tuesday, February 18, 2020

HELPFUL CHART: Hell Yes, Barack Obama is Responsible for the Booming Trump Economy

Heh. That was click-bait. So sue me.

Barack Obama, like all Marxists, is a reprobate. Hat tip: BadBlue News.


commoncents said...

Obama Economy vs Trump Economy - CEA's Kevin Hassett discusses the economy


Stoutcat said...

Ugh! you either need to shrink that top timeline to match the graph below, or expand the graph to match the timeline.

Anonymous said...

The economy was flat for several years until the Republicans in Congress started to push back against Obama's socialist policies. That created the uptick that only started in mid-2016 and has continued with no end in sight. People conveniently that in 2015 and into 2016 as many as 17 states had slipped into recession. It wasn't reported so I guess it never happened, right?
Said over and over again, if Trump had done nothing, Obama could take credit. Trump reversed everything that was left of Obama's economic policies and the economy is what it now is. Obama should just go back to his mansions and write his piece of fiction and leave the economy to Trump.