Saturday, February 29, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Why Bernie Sanders Can Win

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Why Bernie Sanders Can Win: Charlie Kirk
Bloomberg Says Chinese People Love Living Under Dictatorship: David Krayden
Joe Biden Wants Americans to Fund Abortions Globally: Mary Margaret Olohan

Democrats distort coronavirus readiness: AP
White House Wins DC Appeals Court Ruling Blocking Don McGahn Testimony: CTH
For Sanders, radical views once included theories on what causes cancer: Olivia Rubin

Imam at Bernie Rally Calls to Destroy Israel, Amputations, Sex Slavery: Daniel Greenfield
A Bernie Sanders nomination is Nancy Pelosi's nightmare: Examiner
The shallow -- and insane -- symbolism of fossil fuel divestment: Jeff Jacoby

Secret FISA court's future in jeopardy, lawmakers say: Sharyl Attkisson
Warren introduces bill to defund border wall to combat coronavirus : Some Nut
The Necessary (Temporary) Democratic Party Suicide: Conrad Black


3 scenarios for how COVID-19 plays out: Morgan Stanley: Ethan Wolff-Mann
Strong Economic Fundamentals: U.S. Wage Growth, Incomes, Savings and Spending: CTH
Supreme Court OK's Public Charge: NumbersUSA

Scandal Central

Hate in Lower Hudson Valley: Hasids targeted by a new anti-Semitism: Stephanie Gutmann
Whistleblower: Deep State Officials Sent Workers to Handle Wuhan Evacuees Without Gear or Training: Rick Moran
Blago Warns Taxpayers Of Pritzker's $7 Million Deal With Madigan: Mark Konko


CNN's coronavirus coverage criticized: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again’: Fox
NY Times Shows How Bernie Will Beat Trump: M. Dowling
Ted Cruz Asked Ocasio-Cortez, ‘What’s A Y Chromosome?’ She Went Ballistic: Virginia Kruta


Bernie’s Own Private Denmark: Paul Mirengoff
'Within 14 months': US signs Taliban deal to begin withdrawal and new Afghan peace talks: Joel Gehrke
Netanyahu builds momentum in final days of third campaign: JNS

Blunting the spike: how UK’s government is working to implement knife control: Jonathan Owen
Greece's Migrant Crisis: "A Powder Keg Ready to Explode": Soeren Kern
Hong Kong pets face quarantine after dog tests positive for coronavirus: AFP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple CEO Tim Cook Discusses Apple, China, Coronavirus, Supply Chains and Working With President Trump: CTH
Four new coronavirus cases in Pacific Northwest suggest community spread of the disease: Helen Branswell
Microbiologist Says Most of Us Wash Our Hands Wrong. Here's How to Do It Properly: ScienceAlert


Weed the People: Stilton’s Place
Doubletalk: Earl of Taint
Historic Leap Year: Caturday Edition: MOTUS



commoncents said...

President Trump News Conference on Coronavirus and possible end of Afghanistan War

Objective Watchdog said...

So I've been hearing Mike Bloomberg's commercials on the radio ad nauseum, where he compares what he will do if elected president to the "chaos of the Trump regime".

Chaos? What chaos?

We have:
1. Better economy
2. Lower unemployment
3. Ever-rising stock market (recent Coronavirus blip notwithstanding)
4. Stronger military
5. ISIS - gone!
6. Less government regulation
7. Southern border being secured
8. Impeachment sham dismissed as so much nonsense
9. North Korea is behaving itself
10. China is paying attention to America
11. Larger percentage of Americans are seeing the Democratic party for the zoo that it is

The only chaos is within the Democratic party, as they scamper around trying to trump up (see what I did?) a crisis of the day to hang their hat on.

The only people unhappy with Trump's direction are the Democrats, and the people wanting and expecting free handouts from the government. Both groups can go f___ themselves.

Come see my Rogues Gallery at

Anonymous said...

I've listened intently to all the news reports, and with the onset of the sniffles and muscle pain I, like Joe Cosley ("it's better to be born luck that rich") am keeping my final Journal entitled, "I Told Them I Was Sick".
I purchased a Hospital bed, require all who visit to wear disposables and breathers, and I am giving away my fortune so I can see the joy on their faces before I depart. ABC and CNN are my Doctors now, I give myself to their care, and not so much Fox. To be continued...