Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: House Republicans considering criminal referrals against Mueller prosecutors

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House Republicans considering criminal referrals against Mueller prosecutors: John Solomon
Bernie Sanders’ Road to Serfdom … And Corruption: I&I
Bloomberg calls Warren 'scary', jabs Obama in leaked audio from 2016: Zachary Halaschak

Republicans and AG Barr huddle privately on surveillance reform: Susan Ferrechio
Fidel Castro Did Not Give Cuba Literacy or Better Healthcare, Comrade Sanders: Hans Bader
Warren Decides to Murder Bloomberg, 6 Days After Killing Him: Sam Brodey

Poll: Who won the South Carolina Democratic presidential debate?: Examiner
Bloomberg Adviser Hints At Mother Of All Oppo-Research Drops On Bernie: Ed Morrissey

A foreign policy Democratic debate fit for coronavirus: Tom Rogan
Bernie Sanders's foreign policy threatens the American-led world order: Jordan Schachtel
Highlights of the News: Don Surber


Progressive Group: Sanders Plans $53 Trillion In New Spending (And Can’t Pay for Half Of It): John Sexton
AOC Admits She Got Her Goddaughter Into a Bronx Charter School: Billy Binion
Cincinnati councilwoman arrested by FBI on federal charges: Justine Coleman

China flies into a ‘Black Swan’ storm: Gordon Watts
Millions of Chinese firms face collapse if banks don't act: MSN
HHS Secretary Alex Azar Outlines Ongoing U.S. Coronavirus Prevention and Preparation Efforts: CTH

Scandal Central

Trey Gowdy to Intelligence Officials: Stop Briefing ‘Leaker’ Adam Schiff: TPI
Trump Calls Out Liberal SCOTUS Justices On Bias Against Him: TPI
Is Voter Fraud Real?: Eric Eggers


Police-State Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Screeches Against... Tucker Carlson: Mediadolt
How Dare You! Libs Mad at German Conservative Answer to Greta: Alexander Hall
Hunter Biden wants to delay child support deposition until after key primaries: Caitlin Yilek


These pictures reveal Syrians' desperate struggle to survive after fleeing Idlib violence: Natalia Liubchenkova
US soldier in South Korea tests positive for coronavirus: Brandon Conradis
Coronavirus: World 'simply not ready' for its spread, says WHO China mission chief: Straits Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Taiwanese doctor explains differences between flu and Wuhan coronavirus: Keoni Everington
POV: See Antarctica From the Back of a Whale: NatGeo
Mystery zero-day in Chrome – update now!: Sophos


Odd Coincidence – Rogue CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein’s Sister: CTH
Let’s Do Biden For a While: Sondrakistan
Forget the Coronavirus Pandemic: It’s Mardi Gras!: MOTUS

QOTD: Oligarch says what?


Anonymous said...

Phil Haney gets a bullet in his chest while Brennan's gang walk free as birds.
Trump needs to finish off the Deep State by getting rid of the people Haney fingered.

Anonymous said...


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