Wednesday, February 26, 2020

We Need Open Borders to Better Contain Coronavirus

By Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

It is only by opening our borders that we can fully attack the challenges of the virus that originated in the glorious People's Republic of China. Their magnificent drug manufacturing facilities only make antibiotics, never fentanyl.

By allowing all people to come to the U.S., we are certain to discover new diseases sooner. Open borders will make us safer.

Thanks to President Bill Clinton's extraordinary support of China's missile industry, that country has finally reached military parity with us. My administration would make them more powerful than the United States to build good will. That's right, good will. Together, we will prostrate ourselves to their superior form of government.

I will introduce a Constitutional amendment allowing all foreign nationals, especially China's, to be elected to any public office, including the presidency. Our 90 percent tax rates, which have been done before, will catapult China forward. Our debt repaid, China will treat us with kindness, care, and Continued on page 27.



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