Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Mueller Prosecutors Said to Have Lied to DOJ Leadership About Roger Stone Sentencing

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Mueller Prosecutors Reportedly Lied to DOJ Leadership About Stone Sentencing: Sean Davis
Devin Nunes in Wolverine Mode: Only The Beginning of Sunlight on Mueller Team: CTH
Liberals Versus the Constitution: Steven Hayward

Klobucharge? New Hampshire makes the case: Tiana Lowe
New Hampshire Results: The Bidenburg Crashes and Burns: BattleSwarm
Yang Drops Out of Democrat Race: John Gage & Emily Larsen

Why Bernie Sanders's New Hampshire primary win should terrify you: Brad Polumbo
What happened to Elizabeth Warren?: Byron York
True test lies ahead for Pete Buttigieg after strong New Hampshire showing: Emily Larsen

VA House Passes Northam-Soros-Bloomberg Gun Ban Bill In 51-48 Vote: Cam Edwards
The Virginia House Just Passed a Bill that Bans Assault Weapons–And More: TPI
Pregnant Mother Saved Family by Killing Intruder with AR-15: Lionel du Cane

Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Preservation Actions, And State Compact: Herschel Smith
Sen. Collins’ Democrat Opponent’s Campaign Shirts Feature A Guillotine: LidBlog
GOP senators want to confirm more judges. That could mean working with Democrats: Chris Cioffi


New Hampshire Democrats yoke themselves to failed socialist ideas: Exam
Maybe the Coronavirus Will Teach Millennials the Dangers of Communism: Melissa MacKenzie
Bernie Sanders has a socialism problem: Kaylee McGhee

Scandal Central

Leaked Audio of Bloomberg Endorsing Targeting of Minorities Goes Viral: Gregg Jarrett
President Trump Withdraws Nomination of Jessie Liu: CTH
Epstein Associate Glenn Dubin Has Flooded Dems With Cash: Collin Anderson

Unfortunately, A Corrupt Group of Politically Focused DOJ Lawyers Isn’t The Only Issue: CTH
Lou Dobbs Reveals Stunning Information about Jessie Liu Connected to Wolfe Case Cover-up: CTH
Could New Hillary E-mails Lead to Criminal Charges?: Steve Byas


Jussie Smollett’s Tormentor Finally Indicted: Breaking 911
Brian Stelter: President Trump is sitting down with Fox Business host with only a quarter-million viewers: Twitchy
Google Provides Six-Figure Sum to Liberal Outlet With History of Genocide Denial: Alex Griswold

O Say Can You See Ya Later, Vindman: EIB
Joe Rogan Fans Should Vote Trump.: Daniel Addison
A Wake-up Call from Van Jones: Robyn Dolgin


WSJ Publishes "Highly Classified" Evidence Proving Huawei Spies For Beijing: ZH
The Battle to Feed All of Humanity Is Over. Humanity Has Won: Marian L. Tupy
Catherine Herridge Drops Big Scoop About the DOJ and What They’re Doing on Ukraine: RS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

200 Georgia residents being monitored for possible deadly China coronavirus: Ryan Morgan
Fears packages could be contaminated with coronavirus: Stephanie Bedo
Arson, mischief and recklessness: 87 per cent of fires are man-made: SMH


My Former Life as a Radical: Gerfried Ambrosch
May The Best Man Win: MOTUS
I Volunteer to Be America’s Social Media Censor: Kurt Schlichter


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