Thursday, February 13, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: I’ve been a Democrat for 20 years. Here’s what I experienced at Trump’s rally in New Hampshire.

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As a Democrat for 20 years, here’s what I saw at Trump’s rally in NH: Karlyn Borysenko
How to destroy the Deep State.: Angelo Codevilla
Here They Go Again: Pelosi to Launch New Investigation into Trump: Megan Fox

“Doomsday Scenario”: Washington Moves To Crush Sanders Revolution: Jonathan Turley
The National Popular Vote Compact is halfway there in Virginia: Andrea Widburg
What revolution? NH results show Sanders base of support shrinking: Joseph Simonson

5 Times Obama Protected His Allies from Justice and Democrats Didn't Care: Matt Margolis
Impeachment 2.0? Democrats line up possible new charges against Trump: Times
Barr to testify before House Judiciary Committee: Susan Ferrechio

Bill Barr Is Blowing Up the Mueller Travesty: EIB
Mayor Buttigieg Runs for President While His City Bleeds: Daniel Greenfield
What Happened When Tlaib’s Jew Hatred Confronted at Rutgers: Daniel Greenfield

'They should be terrified': Republicans fear Bloomberg as Biden fades: David M. Drucker
Pete Buttigieg Recently Said The Same Things Bloomberg Did About Crime: Margot Cleveland
Come On, The ERA Deadline Has Long Since Expired, Says … Notorious RBG?: Ed Morrissey

Democrats in VA and AZ issue a warning: “We will oppress you if you elect us!”: Robert Zimmerman
Let’s go for three: Impeachment 2.0? Democrats line up possible new charges against Trump: Times
Illegal alien charged with molesting two children in West Palm Beach: CBS-12


Union condemns ‘vicious attacks’ by Sanders supporters after receiving hostile calls, tweets: Megan Messerly
Good news: Democrats Want to Tax... Insulin: Jeff Reynolds
California bullet train adds another $1.3 billion to projected price tag: LAT

Scandal Central

Andrew Cuomo: Criminals' Best Friend: Avrohom Gordimer
Call Off the Search Party, Eric Ciaramella Has Been Found in the Swamp: Judi McLeod
Devin Nunes: We’re about to learn “what the Mueller team was really doing”: Scoop

Lead Roger Stone Juror Ran For Congress As A Democrat In 2012: Chuck Ross
2017 emails reveal: ex-Obama officials and a JUDGE lobbied Rod Rosenstein to appoint special counsel: JW
Virginia Judge Calls for Discovery in Nunes Defamation Suit: Brad Kutner


To Fight The 1619 Project’s Lies, Take This Free U.S. History Class: Krystina Skurk
$47,000 Check From Jewish Community Given To Family Of Fallen Jersey City Detective: Yeshiva
Giuliani Posts Bernie Sanders Video: ‘Imagine This Idiot Debating Trump’: Craig Bannister

When the media credits Obama for Trump’s economy, send them this: A Nod to the Gods
While Nobody Was Looking Trump Shattered Primary Records In New Hampshire: Jazz Shaw
Democrats’ Election Strategy: Call Everyone A Moron: Derek Hunter


Coronavirus: Death of Dr. Li Wenliang Rocks China: Gordon G. Chang
Rule in the Time of Coronavirus: BattleSwarm
Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Just Beginning’ Outside China, Says Expert: Reuters

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Siri is Now Refusing to Say the Word “Gun”: Paul Joseph Watson
The coronavirus appears to be sparing one group of people: Kids: Berkeley Lovelace Jr.
At least 500 Wuhan medical staff are infected with coronavirus: Jackie Salo


Lincoln: A Genius for Friendship: Scott Johnson
Everything That’s Happened to Me Is a Blessing: EIB
Move Over Don Lemon. Katy Tur Has Taken Over the Mantle of the AOC of the Broadcast Media: Diogenes


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