Monday, February 03, 2020

Say a Prayer for Rush Limbaugh. Please.

For someone who is never short on words, I find myself stunned into silence.

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh revealed that he is suffering from an advanced form of lung cancer. After ruling out asthma, heart issues, etc., his doctors discovered the true reasons for his symptoms.

Due to the unpredictability of his treatment plan, Rush will be out for several days with the actual date of his return uncertain. He's hoping for Thursday.

Rush Limbaugh is a hero. A fearless advocate of free speech, he pioneered the genre of conservative talk radio after President Reagan helped overturn "The Fairness Doctrine". That ill-fated FCC policy required every political view to be offset with an opposing view, which represents an absurd repudiation of the First Amendment.

Limbaugh's focus on politics, history and human experience resonated throughout America. His pragmatic genius helped open the door for a range of political opinion. Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and a range of other conservative superstars are the result.

He has made a huge difference to the course of American history. I encourage you to say a prayer tonight for Mr. Limbaugh.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Father, please deliver this man and comfort him and his family in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

I was brought aboard the conservative train in 2009 by Glen Beck, oddly enough. Still a Levinite to this day. I only tuned in to Rush 4-5 years ago when I paid to get his podcast off hours.

I pray as much for our country as I do for Rush. We need him more than ever right now. Godspeed El-Rushbo!

millard fillmore said...

I knew a man in the 70's who had a similar diagnosis.He lost the whole 2 lobe lung and 1 lobe of the 3 lobe lung.He went back to work at the shipyard (Rigger shop) and picked up a broom,as that was all he could handle at that time.Over the next few months,he gained a little strength and started doing other jobs as he was able.He lived for quite a few more years,doing whatever he could(and that was quite lot),happy that the miserable predictions of the medical establishment didn't take his will to live into consideration.The advice to someone like Rush,who probably doesn't need any, is to keep doing what you love.Living can save your life.

Jenette Raymond said...

God Bless you , Rush - I know you can survive this! As a cancer survivor myself, just remember to fight you best fight - respect the cancer and know that others have survived! You can, too!! Be a good patient, but also do your own research and recognize what's best for you! You will be around for many more years fighting the good Conservative causes - we need you!! Never forget that!! You are loved. Jenette Raymond, Napa, cA

V. said...

Rush helped us to cope with the 8 years of hell under the previous administration and we will definitely be praying for his swift and complete recovery.
God bless and protect you, Rush.

Unknown said...

Rush,I have been listening to your program for some years and have learned so much from you. Thank you for all that you have done for the conservative issues that are so desperately needed in our government today. I pray that God will give you the strength and courage dealing with this cancer and that healing will come to you. Stay strong in spirit and prayer. Remember, we are all praying for you. Rosalind Brown -- Bowling Green, Ky