Saturday, February 15, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: IG Report: How Obama FBI Team Fed Christopher Steele Classified Documents

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IG Report: How Obama FBI Team Fed Christopher Steele Classified Documents: Eric Felten
The Democrats' February Blues: Victor Davis Hanson
Obama FBI Handed Over Classified Files To Spy Christopher Steele: Madeline Osburn

New York Times: John Durham is Probing How John Brennan Put Together His Coup Effort: Ace
Full Transcript of AG Barr Shows Content Not Included In Broadcast Interview: CTH
Jessie Liu resigns after nomination for Treasury post withdrawn: report: Tal Axelrod

AOC And Trump Agree: Bloomberg Policies Were Racist: Kerry Picket
Obama Admin. Tried To Meddle In Several Criminal Probes: OAN
Lou Dobbs Snaps: ‘Where The Hell Are The Charges’ Against The Deep State?: Justin Caruso


Democrats And Socialism Are Finally Making Their Relationship Official: GOP
NV Poll: Breadline Bernie Holds Big Lead, Gets Coveted de Blasio Endorsement: CTH
The Revolution Will Be Subsidized By Bloomberg: Cliff Kincaid

Scandal Central

Two-Tiered Justice: DOJ Informs McCabe He Won't be Charged With Lying to FBI Investigators (3 Times): CTH
A 2019 FOIA Gaining an Andrew McCabe Memo Highlights Much More Than Previously Understood: CTH
Army Announces They Will Not Investigate Lt. Col Alexander Vindman: CTH

Lengthy Interview With Rep. Devin Nunes Covering Endless Trump Coup: CTH
Cook County Official Patrick Doherty Indicted On Bribery Charges In Red Light Camera Probe: Todd Feurer
Judge takes rare step to help serve elusive Ghislaine Maxwell with lawsuit: Gabrielle Fonrouge


CNN Host: Michael Avenatti found guilty in Nike Extortion Case: LI
CNN Celebrates No Charges for Andrew McCabe, Who Suffered a ‘Tremendous Cost’: Curtis Houck
Chaff and Countermeasures – Senator Graham Asks AG Bill Barr for “Spygate” and “FISA” Witnesses: CTH

U.S. and U.K. Intelligence Agencies Worry About John Durham – Scrutiny of CIA Draws Media Apoplexy: CTH
Sidney Powell Reacts to Outside Prosecutor Reviewing Flynn Case: CTH
SJW Gleefully Celebrate Jordan Peterson's Near Death: Ace


Report: 5K Additional Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In China: OAN
This Female IDF Soldier Fought Off 23 Terrorists in Surprise Attack: Tribunist
Remembering Daniel Pearl: Jeff Benson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Unsettled Climate Science: 30 Years Apace: Charles Rotter
Here’s what coronavirus does to the body: Amy McKeever
Nike's new self-lacing basketball shoes go on sale Sunday for $400: Engadget


The Great White Dope: Stilton’s Place
No Matter What: Nothing’s Gonna Change My World-View: MOTUS
The day after the cleaning lady visits is always nice: Sondrakistan



Trialdog said...

Hillary’s dream just came true. She’s been monetizing and profiting off politics for decades and now a multi billionaire is floating the idea she become VP. She’s been working angles and gaming it all day. How much will he pay? How quick can she get the cash? And how does she make sure she gets to keep it after Bloomberg commits suicide?

commoncents said...

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