Friday, March 27, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: As Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, Media Begin Censoring Press Conferences

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As Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, Media Begin Censoring Pressers: Mollie Hemingway
Coronavirus Is Communist China's Chernobyl: Josh Hammer
And They’re Paying For it: Mexicans demand crackdown on border crossings: Instapundit

Sleepy Joe’s Latest Shadow Briefing Goes Worse than the First: RS
Widely-Cited US Coronavirus Projection Drops from 2M Deaths to 84,000: Jon Gabriel
More than 400,000 jobs available as coronavirus changes behaviors: Jay Heflin

Man who spooked the world with coronavirus model walks back prediction: Daniel Horowitz
Fear and Panic for A Purpose – The Coronavirus Evolves Into “The Blue Plague”: CTH
The China Virus and its Ultimate Aim: Barry Shaw

Democrats Discover Border Security: RI Closes Borders Against NY: CTH
COVID-19 Is Killing The Case For Socialized Medicine: I&I
Mich. Democrat Gov. Threatens Doctors, Pharmacists Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine: CTH


Our American Heroes: Instapundit
To navigate the current markets, look back to 2008 — and 1918: Betsy Vereckey
How Did We Ever Get to The Roaring Twenties?: Ben Carlson

Scandal Central

Coronavirus Is Not Even Close to America's Biggest Problem: Bryce Buchanan
Allegations That Joe Biden Sexually Attacked Young Staffer May a Sign Democrats Want Him Gone: RS
Thought Violation – Twitter Suspends Treehouse Account: CTH


Journalist Group: Coronavirus Rescue Bill Cash for Us and Your Daily Propaganda Outlets: Diogenes
The Political Media Are Failing America: David Harsanyi
'The American empire has no clothes': Coronavirus crisis elevates GOP nationalist wing: W. James Antle III

Here’s Dr. Birx With a Few Minutes of Calm Reality, Rebutting a Lot of Virus Myths Out There: RS
Poll: News Media Are the Least Trusted Institutions in Handling the Coronavirus Crisis: NRO
Smug CBS Reporter Tries to Ambush Trump at Task Force Briefing; He Swats Her Like a Fly: RS


Trump Admin Sanctions Vast Iranian Terror Network in Iraq: Adam Kredo
Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus: Madison Dibble
Navy reveals US supercarrier sidelined by coronavirus: Jamie McIntyre

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Should scientists infect healthy people with the coronavirus to test vaccines?: Ewen Callaway
Telepsychiatry will be the new norm thanks to the pandemic: Cassidy Morrison
Uranus is leaking gas: BGR


From Parody to Reality In Less Than One Generation: MOTUS
Nearer My Dog To Thee: Stilton’s Place
Study: COVID-19 Impacts Men, Women More Than All Other Genders Combined: Bee


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