Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats Desperately Unhappy that America is Doing So Well

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Democrats Desperately Unhappy that America is Doing So Well: Karen Kataline
Super Tuesday State Electorates Rapidly Changed by Mass Immigration: John Binder
Bloomberg Spends $18.4 Million In VA, NC, Walks Away With No Delegates: Chrissy Clark

Takeaways from Super Tuesday: CTH
My family fled Cuba, and I'm setting the record straight for Sanders: Rep Diaz-Balart
Biden Wants To Put Beto In Charge Of Gun Control?: Jazz Shaw

Uncertain future for Sanders after underwhelming Super Tuesday performance: Exam
Bloomberg to Reassess Campaign After Disappointing Super Tuesday Results: Greg Manz
Warren lost two home states on Super Tuesday to Joe Biden: Kerry Picket

Biden dominates Super Tuesday, but voters can't name his accomplishments: Jon Street
Supreme Court Narrowly Decides That Identity Theft by Illegal Aliens Is Actually a Crime: RS
126th Cross-Border Tunnel Discovered In Tucson: Breaking911

Pelosi Held Back Coronavirus Funding Bill so DCCC Could Run Super Tuesday Ads Against GOP: RS
Pelosi: Trump 'the most dangerous person in the history of our country': Judy Kurtz
Club Superdelegate Donna Brazile Shouts: “Stay The Hell Out of Our Race”: CTH


Stocks plunge despite Fed's emergency intervention: Jay Heflin
Fed Makes Rare Inter-Meeting Decision To Cut Rates To Combat Economic Impact Of Coronavirus: OAN
Federal Reserve Chair Powell Statement and Press Conference Following 50 Point Fed Drop: CTH

Scandal Central

Democratic officials may have pushed bogus intel alleging Russians want to reelect Trump: Becket Adams
Sen. Johnson Pushes For First Subpoena In Biden Probe: OAN
Hillary’s Reckoning Isn’t Over: I&I

Why We Need Immediate Changes to FISA Laws – A Video Encapsulation: CTH
Joe Biden Gains Endorsements from Corrupt James Comey and Corrupt John Brennan: CTH
Jim Jordan Discusses FISA Reauthorization and The Need for John Ratcliffe as DNI: CTH


Where Is Obama While His Party Descends Into Socialism?: Jazz Shaw
Biden campaign rebuffs Comey endorsement: 'How can I return it?': Brooke Singman
James Comey Endorses Joe Biden, Who Rejects It: Tristan Justice

Trump camp sues Post over Russia stories: Joseph Weber
Hillary avoids Biden endorsement: ‘Hoping we nominate strongest candidate’: Olaf Ekberg
We’re Accumulating More Critical Information About The Coronavirus Every Day: Henry I. Miller


Benjamin Netanyahu Celebrates Come-from-Behind Win: 'A Victory Against All the Odds': Joel B. Pollak
Blue and White to push law barring indicted PM from serving: Michael Bachner
Italy may close schools all over country due to coronavirus: JPost

'No Way Out': In China, coronavirus takes toll on other patients: StraitsTimes
Thousands wait for hospital beds in South Korea as coronavirus cases surge: The Star
Coronavirus: Iran temporarily frees 54,000 prisoners to combat spread: BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

WHO: Coronavirus is different from influenza, and that means it can be contained: Andrew Joseph
US officials in contact with TikTok over political disinformation: Alfred Ng
One analyst says Washington State may see explosion in coronavirus cases without dramatic action: Helen Branswell


It's Later Than You Thing: Stilton’s Place
Time To Pack Up the Tepee Lizzy: Diogenes
Did Democrats Just Create a Path for Trump to Take California?: Matt Vespa


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