Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: What Pelosi Democrats Want in Virus Bill: Green New Deal, Racial Quotas, Ballot Harvesting, and more

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Dem Virus Deal: Green New Deal, Racial Quotas, Ballot Harvesting, and more: Rachel Bovard
Democrats Virus Bill: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision”: LI
Cruz Explodes On Democrats, Media For Blocking Bailout While Americans Die: Chrissy Clark

Democrats block coronavirus lifeline stimulus in despicable partisan maneuver: JD Rucker
NBC: Senate Dems Torpedoed Coronavirus Relief: Hot Air
Where the Hell is Joe Biden?: Emily Larsen

NYC Is Short Of Medical Supplies Because Somebody Forgot To Order Them: Jazz Shaw
Bloomberg: Federal Stockpile of N95 Masks Depleted Under Obama, Never Restocked: Ace
Fauci: Response Of Trump WH Very Impressive, Can't Imagine Anybody Could Do More: RCP

Democrats Determined to Destroy Economy; Even Dem Mitt Romney Shocked: Ace
FDA approves coronavirus test that gives results in less than an hour: Caitlin Yilek
The Next Shoes to Drop in the Pandemic: Charles Lipson

FDA is to Blame For the Six Weeks of Delay in Coronavirus Testing of Chloroquinine: Ace
Whoa: Even Susan Collins Destroying Democrats’ Economic Blackmail: RCP
13 Key Things to Know About the Senate’s Giant Coronavirus Bill: Rachel Greszler


Time To Step Back from Economic Suicide: Ernest S. Christian
Trump Considering Ignoring Fauci's Demand for a Near-Permanent Shutdown of the United States: Ace
This is a sure way to make costly investing mistakes in the coronavirus crash: MarketWatch

Scandal Central

Feinstein’s Real Insider Trading Scandal Is Selling America Out To China: Ben Weingarten
Chuck and Nancy Prioritize Waging Social Justice Over American Jobs: BattleSwarm
China-made Surgical gown recall leaves medical centers scrambling: CBS (1/20)


Chinese Propaganda Video Cites CNN, Democratic Politicians to Push Regime Narrative: Collin Anderson
Gallery of Heroes: Doctors and Nurses After Gruelling Shifts Battling Covid-19: Twisted Sifter
Trump announces postponed deadline on REAL ID amid coronavirus outbreak: Anthony Leonardi

CNN's Jake Tapper Admits He Let AOC Lie About Trump: John Nolte
Pelosi's Daughter Encourages Political Violence: Assault on Rand Paul Was "The Right Idea": Ace
What We Know About Potential Treatments for COVID-19: Kevin Pham


China's bungled coronavirus response threatens Belt and Road foreign influence initiative: Joel Gehrke
Soros Bankrolls Coronavirus Attack Ads Against Trump : Joe Schoffstall
Coronavirus latest: Trump talks about opening up the US while Boris Johnson shuts the UK down: Cassidy Morrison

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why The Biophysicist Who Correctly Predicted China’s Virus Spread Says “We’ll Be Fine”: Jazz Shaw
How Soap Kills the Coronavirus in 20 Seconds: Twisted Sifter
Lost sense of smell could be a peculiar clue to coronavirus infection: India Times


Restaurants on the Edge: Karin Bohn: Evil Blogger Lady
Nation Close To Getting Videoconferencing Software To Work: The Onion
“Mommy, What Did You Do During the Wuhan Coronavirus War?”: MOTUS


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