Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Forgotten in the coronavirus debate: Mass migration and offshoring to China

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Forgotten in the coronavirus debate: Mass migration and offshoring to China: Daniel Horowitz
As the Democrat Establishment Makes Moves to Stop Bernie, the Backlash Begins: RS
Pence: Sanders would be ‘most anti-Israel president in the history of this nation’: JNS

Bernie Sanders supporters signal for Warren to drop out and endorse him: Naomi Lim
Man released under ‘sanctuary city’ rules sexually assaults 3-year-old: ICE: Lee Brown
Report: Trump Deploying 'Elite Tactical Agents' to 10 Sanctuary Cities: John Binder

McConnell At It Again: NRSC Blasts Doug Collins for Daring to Run for Senate: Jason Hopkins
Illinois releasing convicted illegal alien sex offenders to avoid ICE removal: Daniel Horowitz
Trump Could Flip California…Here’s How: Kira Davis

Twenty Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bernie Sanders: Jim Geraghty
Elizabeth Warren Prepares to Be a Spoiler: Charles Fain Lehman
Obama spoke with Buttigieg after he dropped out of 2020 race: report: Justine Coleman


How modern education has destroyed the next generation's soul: Everett Piper
Refugees cost taxpayers $60K-$133K each — more than for illegal immigrants: Paul Bedard
Biggest update to energy law in a decade heads to Senate with bipartisan support: Abby Smith

Scandal Central

Leak Of Crossfire Hurricane Agent’s Identity To The NYT Suggests More To Come: Margot Cleveland
Joe Biden's campaign adviser Anita Dunn did pro bono public relations work for Harvey Weinstein: BuzzPeed
Bombshell: Federal Court Orders Deposition of Hillary Clinton on Emails and Benghazi: Stu Cvrk

The Sanders and Biden Families Have Been Cashing In for Years: Edward-Isaac Dovere
VA Lt. Gov. spurns Biden over top supporters who 'orchestrated racist false' sexual assault allegations: Spencer Neale
Federal judge orders Hillary Clinton deposition to address private emails: 'Still more to learn': Ronn Blitzer


Super Tuesday Ad: 'Barack Obama Won't Support Joe Biden. Why Should You?': Tyler O’Neil
Trump Deranged Blue Checkmarks Get Punked By Obviously Fake Coronavirus Quote: Mollie Hemingway
MSNBC host Chris Matthews steps down after controversy over comments: Alex Nitzberg

MSNBC's Chris Matthews announces retirement and apologizes amid sexual harassment claims: Mike Brest
Ivanka Trump touts fundraising prowess as Trump campaign gears up: Katherine Doyle
April Ryan: 'The Great Dan Rather' Loved Me Asking Trump If He Was a Racist: Tim Graham


‘You Don’t Want to Play Laser Tag With Us,’ US Navy Tells China Over Pacific Incident: Petr Svab
Israeli exit polls give clear edge to Netanyahu’s Likud Party, nearly a 61-seat majority: JNS
Get Out of Afghanistan: Julie Kelly

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Survey: How much do Americans really trust Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple?: Casey Newton
No more handshakes: Nation’s top doctor has some tips to avoid catching coronavirus: Kate Sheehy
Here’s How To Prepare If The Coronavirus Comes To A Quarantine: Katy French Talento


Life Imitates Art: MOTUS
Nashville tornado live updates: 9 dead as twister rips through city and suburbs: Jon Haworth
Ice fisherman catches record-shattering trout in New Hampshire: CBS


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