Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘I don’t know’ if Biden has what it takes to beat Trump

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Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘I don’t know’ if Biden has what it takes to beat Trump: Nicholas Ballasy
Biden Unhinged – Tells Auto Worker: “You’re Full of Sh**”, Threatens to Fight Him: CTH
Pressure grows on Bernie Sanders to drop out: Naomi Lim

The DNC Club Has Bernie Surrounded – Now Comes The Terms For Exit: CTH
Michigan Biden win makes clear Sanders 2016 appeal was part anti-Clinton: Emily Larsen
Citing Coronavirus Risks, Bernie Sanders Cancels Ohio Rally: CTH

On Schumer: Put up or Shut up: Jen Kuznicki
Biden: Hide the (Cognitive) Decline: BatteSwarm
Three Reasons Joe Biden Will Never Be President: Byron York

Trump Administration Addressing ‘Community Spread’ of Coronavirus: Fred Lucas
Everything Is Falling Apart or Not: Kurt Schlichter
New York doctor at CPAC was coronavirus 'patient zero': Examiner


‘Grooming’: Washington passes far-left sex ed plan promoting promiscuity, LGBT, abortion: LifeSiteNews
Government Outlaws Freelance Work: John Stossel
Russian ministry, oil firms to meet after OPEC talks collapse and prices plunge: EURACTIV

Scandal Central

Why FISA Should Be Abolished!: Gregg Jarrett
House close to striking deal on FISA renewal as deadline looms: JTN
Hunter Biden to Skip Court Appearance, Cites Coronavirus, Pregnant Wife: Kyle Morris


CNN Cancels Audience and Media Attendance For Sanders -v- Biden Debate: CTH
Joe Biden Is Ignorant And Dishonest About Guns, Just Like The Media: Federalist
I thought I understood the Sacklers’ opioid empire. Startling documents I found showed I was wrong: Gerald Posner


4 Things to Know About Chinese Origins of Coronavirus: Fred Lucas
Israeli-made oral vaccine for coronavirus on track, but testing will take months: TOI
Senior Hezbollah officials test positive for coronavirus: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Avoid coronavirus: 9 practical tips to limit your risk without cutting yourself off from the world: Jessica Dolcourt
Secret Service faces unique challenge of protecting Trump from coronavirus exposure: David Nakamura
Why women live longer than men: Science has the answer now: India Today (2018)


Gen. Jack Keane 'shocked and stunned' from Trump call informing him of Presidential Medal of Freedom: Fox
I See a Bad Wuhan Rising: Stilton’s Place
Rub a Dub Dub or Hey Diddle Diddle: MOTUS



Anonymous said...

With the soon signing of Supreme Governor Inslee's Education Bill for Wankers it will become normative for a room full of 6 year olds to sit around pleasuring each other. Talk about knocking first, and Me Too sends one of Inslee's kids to prison. Can't say what Weinstein did was good but given his education and environment one can't say it was bad either, right Jay?

commoncents said...

Video - President Trump gives oval office address regarding Wuhan coronavirus outbreak