Saturday, March 14, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrat’s Wuhan Coronavirus Bill Is Disgraceful, Partisan Trash

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Democrat’s Wuhan Coronavirus Bill Is Disgraceful, Partisan Trash: RS
Coronavirus shows again why 'Medicare for all' is a bad idea: Kaylee McGhee
Coronavirus Achieves a Longtime Democratic Goal: David Catron

Coronavirus: Facts vs. Panic: JTN
Trump declares national emergency for coronavirus, freeing funds for states: McClatchy
Donald Trump: President Obama Made CDC Testing Worse: Charlie Spiering

Joe Biden owes Clarence Thomas an apology — and so does the entire left: David Harsanyi
Hysteria leads to tyranny in Illinois: WAND-17
The Wuhan Virus Escaped from a Chinese Lab: Daniel John Sobieski

Boozy Pelosi Slurs Words, Loses Dentures, Struggles to Speak: Pamela Geller
The Biden Campaign's Biggest Technical Difficulty Is... Joe Biden: Jim Treacher
What Dems Were Doing While Admin Has Been Working to Address Wuhan Virus: RS


Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Press Conference on U.S. Economy and Potential Stimulus Measures: CTH
Chinese State Media Warns It Could Cut America’s Pharmaceutical Drug Supply: John Sexton
Omar’s New Husband Made More Than Half A Million Off Her Campaigns: Jazz Shaw

Scandal Central

FCC Commissioner Calls Out Adam Schiff Over His Secret Subpoenas, May Take Action: Nick Arama
Ex-Trump adviser: Brits hinted they assisted Team Obama on Russia collusion probe: Sophie Mann
Grenell upsetting liberals with reform: Don Surber

Did Spygate Source Stefan Halper Work For The Hillary Clinton Campaign?: Margot Cleveland
Hillary Clinton asks appeals court to overturn order for deposition about email server and Benghazi: Jerry Dunleavy
Sen. Ron Johnson Shifts Gears, Will Subpoena Consulting Firm Linked To Burisma And Hunter Biden: Chuck Ross


Andrew Gillum Found Wasted in Hotel With Bags of Crystal Meth by Paramedics Responding to Overdose: CTH
AOC spreads disinformation to push socialism amid coronavirus panic: Brad Polumbo
Media Attempts to Spin Biden's Tirade Into a Triumph: Mark Hemingway


How Iran Became a Global Vector of Infection for COVID-19: Noam Blum
Italy registers a record 250 coronavirus deaths in a day: Alastair Jamieson
Jewish organizations rally behind Italian Jews in wake of complete shutdown due to virus: Israel Hayom

China Pushes Propaganda that U.S. Created the Coronavirus: John Hayward
China’s rise may not be inevitable: Asia Times
Ontario's hospital logjam brings record wait times, before arrival of COVID-19: Mike Crawley

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Older or Unhealthy: The first 48 U.S. coronavirus deaths in detail: JTN
New Coronavirus Test 10 Times Faster Is FDA Approved: Tim Loh
'Dead Sea Scrolls' at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeries: NatGeo


No Time To Explain, Just Get IN: MOTUS
Event 201: Center for Health Security
‘Caught it at a party’: A coronavirus patient gives first-hand account of being infected: Indian Express


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