Saturday, March 07, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Democrats, Bernie Bros Brawl over Joe Biden's Declining Mental Health

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Democrats, Bernie Bros Brawl over Joe Biden's Mental Health: John Nolte
Joe Biden is a Nasty Piece of Work: Paul Mirengoff
Morbid undertow as Sanders, 78, and Biden, 77, consider vice presidents: Naomi Lim

De Blasio implies Biden’s black supporters are ‘low information’ voters: Nolan Hicks
Bloomberg Doesn’t Get It: Trump’s Populist Wave: Charles "Sam" Faddis
POTUS endorsed 20 GOP candidates in primaries this week… all 20 won: Charlie Spiering

In Ukraine subpoena, Romney reveals himself as slime again: Carrie Sheffield
Landmark Legal Foundation Files Ethics Complaint Against Chuck Schumer: Joel B. Pollak
Stop Blaming Kavanaugh For Schumer’s SCOTUS Threats: Mollie Hemingway

Crash and Bernie: Intellgectual Froglegs
Democrats Block Measure To Prevent Terrorists From Working At TSA: Jazz Shaw
Trump’s Fox News Town Hall showed Democrats the scariest voter of all: Andrea Widburg


Anyone Notice That Trump’s Economy Keeps Beating Expectations?: I&I
Analysis: Joe Biden would raise taxes by $4 trillion, nearly 3 times more than Hillary Clinton's 2016 plan: Blaze
Coronavirus strikes LA, Long Beach port jobs and cargo numbers: Donna Littlejohn

Scandal Central

Hillary Says No Regulation Bars Secretary of State From Using Private Email Server: Graham Piro
Obama’s Homeland Security IG Indicted On Fraud, Theft Charges: Tristan Justice
Punk Loser Christopher Steele Whacks Mueller Report and ‘Bad Faith’ Team Trump: Nick Mutch

More on the Mueller Scam: @JohnWHuber
Arrest McGahn? House hints of possibility in court filing on subpoenas: Todd Ruger
'I'm the most investigated innocent person in America!' Hillary Clinton snaps back in new doc: Daniel Bates


Proof that the Media Are Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors: SDA
The 1619 Project’s Outrageous, Lying Slander of Abe Lincoln: Allen C. Guelzo
SXSW festival 2020 in Austin canceled over coronavirus fears: Nadine DeNinno

Media to Biden: Keep a Low Profile, Don’t Believe Comeback Was Due to ‘Something You Did’: RS
Brian Williams Mocked For Falsely Claiming Bloomberg Could Give Every American $1 Million: Mediashite
Here’s Why It Won’t Be Either Biden or Bernie: Stu Cvrk


China's coronavirus recovery is 'all fake,' whistleblowers and residents claim: The Week
Mark Levin: By Blocking Netanyahu, Israel's Left Is Usurping the Will of the People: Deborah Danan, Breitbart
Coronavirus: China struggling to deal with mountain of medical waste created by epidemic: SCMP

Coronavirus: China's War on the Truth: Giulio Meotti
Six Years Ago The Only Sun That Could Be Seen In China Was A Digital One: Judi McLeod
328 Chinese Nationals Caught Trying To Illegally Enter U.S. At Southern Border: Ryan Saavedra

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Through apps, not warrants, ‘Locate X’ allows federal law enforcement to track phones: Charles Levinson
How the White House protects Trump and his staff from coronavirus: Steven Nelson
Self-Driving Tech Engineer Must Pay Google $179 Million for Theft of Trade Secrets: Sputnik


Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment – Surgery: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Why the Left Calls Good People Racist: Dennis Prager
Snakes on the Plain: MOTUS


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