Saturday, March 28, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Dems Outraged That Illegal Alien Foreigners Aren't Getting American Stimulus Checks

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Dems Outraged That Illegal Alien Foreigners Aren't Getting American Stimulus Checks: Ace
Leftists' Latest Lies Against Trump and American Capitalism: Joseph Klein
Don't Look to Heaven - Blame Beijing and Tehran for Coronavirus: WJ

Eating the Elephant: T.L. Davis
America's Superb, Unappreciated President: John Perazzo
Trump slams GM CEO Mary Barra over ventilator fiasco: David Makichuk

If COVID-19 Models Are Unreliable, What Does This Mean For Climate Models?: I&I
13 deaths in a day: An 'apocalyptic' coronavirus surge at NYC Hospital: Straits Times
It’s Fine to Talk About How This Crisis Ends: David Harsanyi

We See You, Democrats: Andrew Klavan
The Curious Paucity Of MSM Coverage Of Biden’s #MeToo Accuser: Jazz Shaw
Coronavirus Causing a Right Turn: Lloyd Marcus


Little of Pelosi’s Wish List Made It Into COVID-19 Relief Bill. That’s a Relief in Itself.: GianCarlo Canaparo
Trump suspends federal student loan payments for six months over coronavirus: Tim Pearce
Trump Compels GM to Build More Ventilators for Coronavirus Response: Fred Lucas

Scandal Central

China Is Legally Responsible for COVID-19 Damage and Claims Could Be in the Trillions: James Kraska
Biden Campaign Denies Sexual Assault Allegation: Henry Rodgers
Biden fights accusation of sexual assault: Examiner

Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure: Pepe Escobar
SEIU Healthcare Union Suddenly Finds 39 Million N95 Masks: Kyle Olson
HHS inspector general reportedly planning multiple probes into Trump admin COVID-19 response: BPR


Politico: Could Trump Try to Cancel The Election?: Ace
#WuhanVirus is not going to overwhelm our healthcare system: Robert Zimmerman
Dem Gov Defies Media Narrative, Praises Trump and 'Very Good Relationship': Christine Favocci

South Korea reveals how to win Covid-19 war: Andrew Salmon
'We will prevail': Trump campaign releases ad with Democrats praising handling of pandemic: Anthony Leonardi
Fox Business Network's Trish Regan a casualty of the coronavirus war?: Peter Barry Chowka


China's Totally Got the Wuhan Flu Beaten and the Transmission Rate is Only 0.055 Per Million: Ace
More Than 50,000 Americans Are Looking For State Dep’t Help to Get Home: Patrick Goodenough
Italy Sees Worst Day Yet: 969 Dead in 24 Hours; Death Toll Exceeds 9,000: Alana Mastrangelo

Fauci: Italy ‘Hit Very Badly’ By Coronavirus Due to Prevalence of Chinese Tourists: NRO
EU split over China’s ‘face mask’ diplomacy: David Hutt
Brazil gangs impose strict curfews to slow coronavirus spread: Guardian

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

COVID-19 and U.S. Mortality: I. Ratel
Army Corps to switch to convention center hospital model in coronavirus response: Abraham Mahshie
Researchers Have Found a Way to Sterilize and Reuse Face Masks During Pandemic : GNN


Congress Excited To Find Out What’s In Stimulus Package They Just Passed: Bee
Wuhan Coronavirus: the Real Chinese Curse: MOTUS
Facebook banned us for 30 days today, for a 2016 CNN spoof: Cube

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Anonymous said...

I paid a professional visit to a retirement community in Kirkland, WA that is within walking distance of the ground zero Life Center. During my visit I was told they had no cases of the Chinese Flu among staff or occupants.
In retrospect, I have no friends or acquaintances who have or have had the virus, and nobody they know has had it either. But we do hear the Media and Democrats shilling, and spinning world news into local news. For pity's sake, Montana on lock down over one death? I'm happy to embrace social distancing, I would like to see the Media experience some social shunning.

commoncents said...

Project Veritas Video - Exclusive Look Inside New York and New Jersey Hospitals Battling Coronavirus

Anonymous said...

I see Jay Inslee has a new haircut, so do the Reporters, Reporterettes, and Democrat Politicians. Funny that, I'm cutting my own hair, and I wonder where they got the money to stay groomed.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed with Fox Business's firing Trish Reagan FOR TELLING THE TRUTH! The Left hates Trump and is trying to destroy his presidency as well as his chances of being reelected. Fox is crazy if it thinks Americans do not see this.

The Gipper Lives said...

Highly recommend your link Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure: Pepe Escobar