Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Chinese Communist Party vs. America

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The Chinese Communist Party vs. America: Brian T. Kennedy
On Joe Biden: It's not funny or cute anymore. It's downright sad and scary.: Joshua Caplan
Governors Practice Political Distancing In Shifting Blame To Feds: Jonathan Turley

It’s Not Fed’s Fault NY Doesn’t Have More Ventilators, It’s Cuomo’s: Shawn Fleetwood
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Says He Will Not Run for President: CTH
His Handling of the Coronavirus Menace Proves: Trump Is a Leader: PJM

Sara Carter: No One Reporting Biden’s Bizarre Gaffes and Behavior: Jennie Taer
Biden Struggles to Speak Coherently as He Attacks President’s Virus Response: BFT
Best of Biden’s Basement Broadcasts: David Rutz

Graham Obliterates Pelosi After She Blames Trump For Americans Virus Deaths: TPI
Court records: wife who fed husband fish cleaner has history of mental illness: @Techno_Fog
Trump: 'Sick Puppy' Nancy Pelosi Was Focused on Impeachment During Virus Outbreak: Charlie Spiering


Domestic supply chains, not global ones, will save us: William Upton
Pittsburgh Area Residents Queue Two Miles for Drive Through Food Bank Distribution: CTH
Coronavirus Pandemic Compels Historic Labor Shift: WSJ

Scandal Central

Unpacking China's Viral Propaganda War: Richard Bernstein
Suspected SARS virus and flu samples found in luggage: FBI report describes China's 'biosecurity risk': Yahoo!
Federal Judge Rules Killing Babies is an “Essential Service”: CTH


Presser Reactions: Trump v. Acosta, Gutfeld v. Williams, and All of Leftwing Media v. Mike Lindell/MyPillow.com: Ace
Campaign Ad: WashPost Prints a Three-Page Tribute to 'Warrior-Heroine' Nancy Pelosi: Tim Graham
The Intercept: Pence Must Invoke The 25th Amendment Now: Karen Townsend

Rachel Madcow: 1 + 1 = Zero: Ace
Aquarium Cleaner Kook: Oh, It’s Exactly as You Expected: @Techno_Fog
“Influencer” Arielle Charnas and her bizarre behavior surrounding her COVID-19 diagnosis: ThreadReader


Chinese Markets Reopen — And They Still Sell Bats, Dogs And Cats: Kyle Hooten
COVID-19 Deaths in Europe: Excess Mortality is – down?: Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.
Ecuador struggles to collect the dead as coronavirus spreads: THT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

MIT Will Post Free Plans Online for an Emergency Ventilator That Can Be Built for $100: SciTechDaily
America’s adversaries keep investing in weapons to take out satellites: Aaron Mehta
Hmmm: Johnson & Johnson Announce Human Trials Of COVID-19 Vaccine To Start In September: Ed Morrissey


Those Plastic Bag Bans Aren’t Looking So Good Right Now: Jazz Shaw
If Ever There Was a Time…: MOTUS
It’s Alive: Earl of Taint


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Talktalk news said...

Nyc article! I am with my country.

Anonymous said...

The News has generally been America's strength but now it is her greatest weakness. The numbers don't add up, we're being deceived into surrendering our Ship without a shot. The Virus is now a "disease", Coonman is cloistering Virginians until the day after their election, there is a 20% drop in WA State Virus hospitalizations, and Governors line up like deviates for more of the stash - and people excoriate Pillow Man?
This is all political, the birds are consuming the American experiment and no one is willing to drive them away. If we keep to this socialistic path we are doomed, and it wasn't God who doomed us because His hand is stretched out still, we will have done it to ourselves and the only thing to hear then will be condemnation "you did it to yourselves".