Thursday, March 19, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: It’s China’s Fault

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It’s China’s Fault: BattleSwarm
Trump right again: Germany closing its borders to travelers from EU: John Bowden
After this, we should never let our ties to China go back to normal: Shadi Hamid

Some Coronavirus Humility: Victor Davis Hanson
Will The Costs Of A Great Depression Outweigh The Risks Of Coronavirus?: Joy Pullmann
Promising: Starbucks expects to open 95% of its China stores this month: Yahoo!

Is It Time to #CancelChina?: Ace
(Part I) – Coronavirus as a Global Economic Reset: CTH
(Part II) – Coronavirus as a Global Economic Reset: CTH


Somali Muslims caught transporting suitcases full of cash out of the country: BNI
GOP Pushes Transparency Bill to Minimize CCP Influence on American Colleges: GQ Pan
House panel demands explanations from travel insurance firms not covering virus cancellations: Cristina Marcos

Scandal Central

Chinese scientists destroyed proof of virus in December: The Times
Study: If Chinese authorities had acted three weeks earlier, virus would be contained 95% more than today: Axios
Federal prosecutor nukes Soros-backed Philly DA for releasing gangster accused of killing cop: Daniel Horowitz


China Did This, and Saying So Isn't Racist: Jim Treacher
China Violates Disclosure Law to Publish Propaganda in NY Times, WaPo: Yuichiro Kakutani
Two US doctors in critical condition with COVID-19, dozens more infected: Beth Mole

The NY Times Issues A Long-Overdue Correction To The 1619 Project: John Sexton
DNC Attack Media Continues Shrieking One Must Not Call Chinese Flu the Chinese Flu; Twitter Censors Too: Ace
Analysis Of The Covid-19 Pandemic: Herschel Smith


Donald Trump is right - we cannot allow China to obscure its integral role in the coronavirus: Benedict Spence
Dire Warning From Inside Italy’s Quarantine: This Could Happen All Over The World: Shelby Talcott
Beijing Fears COVID-19 Is Turning Point for China, Globalization: Michael Auslin

WHO Claimed In January Wuhan Virus Couldn’t Be Transmitted to Humans, Because China Said It Wasn’t Contagious: RS
Iran repeatedly attacks US troops as coronavirus outbreak distracts public attention: Joel Gehrke
Dozens of Bulgarian doctors resign amid COVID-19 crisis: Mariya Petkova

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

When Will the Coronavirus Be Controlled, and How Will We Know?: Charlie Martin
The Use of PUL-042 Inhalation Solution to Reduce the Severity of COVID-19 in Adults Positive for SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Clinical Trials
A malaria pill from the 1940s has caught the eyes of doctors as a potential coronavirus treatment: Insider


A Message From President Donald Trump: CTH
Come On People, We Can Do This!: MOTUS
Joe Biden picks Coronavirus as his 2020 running mate: Cube

QOTD: “There's … something vaguely intriguing—and also rather frightening—about folks on the left and Trump opponents rushing to the defense of a regime which [has] put more than a 1 million Muslims in concentration camps.

The Chinese regime isn't a race. It's a regime, and easily one of the worst and one of the most brutal in our lifetimes.

The irony of white folks calling me racist in defense of a regime that has put 1 million Muslims in concentration camps is as delicious as it is disappointing.” --Shadi Hamad

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