Sunday, March 08, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: DNC Wants Bernie Defeated This Month, Well Ahead of Milwaukee Convention

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DNC Wants Bernie Defeated This Month, Well Ahead of Milwaukee Convention: CTH
How Did A Nazi Flag Wind Up At A Sanders’ Rally?: Jazz Shaw
Ilncest Omar attacks Kavanaugh and Thomas as 'two accused sexual predators': Examiner

Maybe it’s time to dial back the coronavirus drama: Leslie Eastman
The Coronavirus porkulos bill: @TheLastRefuge2
Cenk Uygyr, founder of the Young Turks, says Joe Biden has dementia.: Mike Brest

There Are No Checks and Balances: FISA Must Be Scrapped: Adam Mill
ICE Agents Ignore Sanctuary Law, Make Arrest In Front Of S.F. Courthouse: CBS-SF
Troops Deployed To U.S.-Mexico Border In Case Of Refugee Rush: OAN

Coronavirus: Number of confirmed cases over 100 as virus moves to more counties: KIRO-7
CO Dems: We’re In A Crisis And The Cure Is Gun Control: Cam Edwards
Coronavirus starts wreaking havoc on plans across US: Daniel Chaitin


What Coronavirus Could Mean for the Global Economy: HBR
Energy secretary predicts ‘very rapid’ economic rebound after ‘short term’ coronavirus impact: Nicholas Ballasy
Chinese Factory Output Plummets – Total Jan/Feb Exports Drop 17.2% and Worsening: CTH

Scandal Central

We Caught the Mueller Team in Massive Lie – Roger Stone Was Right!: Joe Hoft
Attorney General Bill Barr Responds to Federal Judge Who Questioned His Credibility: CTH
The news reaction to Coronavirus: as could you have predicted: Yossi Gestetner

'Done our duty': Christopher Steele refuses to cooperate with John Durham review: Exam
EPA watchdog exposes problems inside agency that liberals love, Trump wants cut: Christine Dolan
Jersey Cops Arrest Black Gun Owner Over Licensed Gun, Legal Ammo: Stephen Gutowski


Trump campaign: Lawsuit against CNN is meant to 'hold the fake news accountable': Mike Brest
Hillary Clinton slams Bernie Sanders for ‘sucking fans in, getting nothing done and driving her crazy’: Debbie White
‘Eat S***’: Ex-Warren Staffers Blast Reporter Who Didn’t ‘Actively’ Cheerlead For Campaign: Eric Quintanar

I Helped Fact-Check the 1619 Project. The Times Ignored Me.: Leslie M. Harris
President Trump Town Hall on Fox Sets Record As Most Watched Election Town Hall in History: CTH
Comic in Chief: Watch Trump scorch rivals while humoring the faithful: JTN


For China, Biden more predictable than Trump, Sanders: experts: Yang Sheng, Global Times of China
‘That would really be historic’: Trump wants NATO to tighten ties with Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro: Joel Gehrke
Italy calls in retired doctors to help combat coronavirus epidemic: Eileen AJ Connelly

Italy Locks Down a Quarter of its Population: Sabina Castelfranco
Japan 7-Eleven worker infected with coronavirus; another case likely caused meningitis: Straits Times
China censors report about how authorities hid coronavirus genome sequence test results for 14 days: HKFP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Coronavirus: Scots scientist ‘very excited’ by vaccine tests: Dan Vevers
We Can Thank Trump for the U.S. Having Such a Low Per Capita Infection Rate of Coronavirus: Matt Margolis
I Noticed People Using Masks To Protect Themselves From Viruses All Wrong: Bored Panda


Chasing Daylight: MOTUS
Warren Peace: Stilton’s Place
Mystery death of a Swedish woman on a Scottish beach now declared top secret by her government: DailyMail


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