Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Is Biden's 24-point Michigan lead deceptive? It was for Hillary Clinton in 2016

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Is Biden's 24-point Michigan lead deceptive? It was for Hillary Clinton in 2016: Examiner
Put Coronavirus outbreak fears in perspective with this rational line of thinking: Jim Talent
Coronavirus going to hit its peak and start falling sooner than you think: Michael Fumento

Joe Biden Is No Friend Of The Working Class: Joanne Butler
How Eric Holder Helped Obama Administration Turn Democrats into a Party of Thugs: RS
Biden Warns: Campaign May Have to Give Up “Big Indoor Rallies”’: CTH

The Democrat Party By Definition: T.L. Davis
California Is a Cruel Medieval State: Victor Davis Hanson
Weaponize Everything The Democrat Way: Toni Williams

The Sanderista Insurgency Faces the Firing Squad: Matt Vespa
Washington Post Outlines New Joe Biden Strategy To Win 2020 Election: “Hide”: CTH
DNC Control Agents Created Biden Coalition With Promises of Administration Positions: CTH


Democrats Consider Response to Coronavirus – More Welfare for Illegal Aliens: CTH
Health Care Is a Right Only if Doctors Surrender Theirs: Frank Miele
Fears of negative impact on U.S. GDP due to coronavirus overstated: Richard W. Rahn

Scandal Central

James Biden’s health care ventures face a growing legal morass: Politico
Without Consequences or Penalties, FISA Should Expire: Julie Kelly
Dems won’t have to remove 209,000 ineligible voters from the rolls: M. Dowling


MSNBC Panel Gets Excited When Talking About Coronavirus Taking ‘Down Trump’s Presidency’: Paul Bois
Media’s Trump-Coronavirus Narrative Is So Dishonest That Even Gavin Newsom Can’t Play Along: RS
Hannity Fires Back at Fox’s Kurtz Criticizing Colleagues Talking About Biden ‘Senility’: Josh Feldman

Disappeared, Ousted Journalists Ran To Coronavirus Fire, Burned By China’s Communist Party: Jennie Taer
Cruise Passenger & Dr. Fauci on CNN: Don't Get 'All Bent Out of Shape' on Virus: Mark Finkelstein
Dr. Drew Pinsky slams media for inciting coronavirus 'panic': Emma Colton

New York Times Turns Story About Project Veritas Into Another Hoax About Trump: Margot Cleveland
Coronavirus perfect excuse for my campaign against salad bars and ladle lickers: John Kass
Journalist Suspended by Twitter After Exposing Carlos Maza’s Wealth Hypocrisy: Summit


Italy extends its quarantine to the entire country; PM asks residents to stay at home: William Feuer
Judge finds Iran responsible for Robert Levinson’s kidnapping in $1.5B lawsuit: Jerry Dunleavy
Carlson Tucker on The Threat From China: BattleSwarm

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Amazon is selling its cashierless checkout tech to other retailers: Carrie Mihalcik
CIA Dirty Laundry Aired: Schneier
Study Confirms Recommended 14-Day Quarantine Period For Coronavirus: Slashdot


Sockpuppet: A.F. Branco
Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?: MOTUS
I’d Almost Forgotten Them: Earl of Taint

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