Sunday, March 01, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Birth of a Virus

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Birth of a Virus: Regie Hamm
The Hoax Hoax: BattleSwarm
Biden Can Win SC, But He’s Losing The Fight For The Democratic Party: Federalist

Trump's Quick Action Saved Lives During Outbreak, Experts Admit: Mat Margolis
First Covid-19 Death In US, WH Adds Travel Bans with Iran, Italy, South Korea: Shelby Talcott
Cruz Reacts to Warren Suggestion to ‘Divert’ Wall Funding to Fight Virus: Sister Toldjah

Biden -vs- Bernie, The Race Begins: CTH
Down South, black voters reject radical change: Timothy P. Carney
Now They’re the Disastercrats: Scott McKay

Joe Biden wins South Carolina primary, boosting campaign after early losses: David Mark
Joe Biden forgets where he is, Chapter 6,903: M. Dowling
Trump sets new travel restrictions, considering southern border shutdown: Marisa Schultz


'How do you pay for it?': Latino politicians in Texas turning their backs on Bernie Sanders platform: Emma Colton
The Earnings Curve: High School Grads vs. those with Bachelor’s Degree: Connor Harris
The Shipping Container Industry Has Gamed Out What the Coronavirus May Do. Take a Seat.: Victoria Taft

Scandal Central

Obama Waited Until 'Millions' Infected, 1000 Dead in U.S. Before Declaring H1N1 Emergency: Victoria Taft
Michael Flynn seeks total exoneration, not pardon, says his attorney: Sophie Mann
We Need to Talk About Hillary Clinton’s Disturbing Harvey Weinstein Ties: Cassie Da Costa

The Long March Toward Capitalism: T.L. Davis
Devin Nunes Reacts to Ratcliffe DNI Nomination – And New Ukraine Investigation: CTH
Unraveling The Steele Dossier At CPAC – The Devin Nunes Interview With Dan Bongino: Brad Slager


Rev. Paula White-Cain Describes a Donald Trump Few See or Know: Bryan Preston
Krugman Thoroughly Embarrasses Himself (Again), Excited About Drop In the Dow: Nick Arama
Shameless: Byron York spots NY Times columnists trying to get ‘Trumpvirus’ to catch on: Twitchy

Coors Mass Shooter Doesn't Fit Media Narrative, Explaining Their Silence: C. Douglas Golden
Activist investor seeks to replace Jack Dorsey as Twitter CEO, report says: Richard Nieva
Classless scum Jay Inslee embarrasses WA with coronavirus insult at VP Pence: Jason Rantz


China officials knew of coronavirus in December, ordered cover-up, report says: Sara Dorn
Poll: 69% Of Canadians Say ‘Right Now, Canada Is Broken’ — And Trudeau Gets The Blame: David Krayden
France’s Louvre Museum shuts doors over coronavirus fears: TOI

Are we finally closing out the endless Afghanistan war?: LifeZette
Netanyahu took Israel from nation of orange groves to one that grows inventions: Lawrence Solomon
Stand-off between 4,000 migrants and Greek border guards: Euronews

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Fixing the Navy’s Software: Sean Lavelle
American with coronavirus speaks out for first time, shares advice that has everyone talking: Chris Enloe
Incredible photos show New York homes covered in ice near Lake Erie: WBNS


America Has a Con Woman in Congress—Where’s the Law?: Ilana Mecer
“They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore”**: MOTUS
Biden Gets in Some Important Last Minute Campaigning: Diogenes

QOTD: “If anything, President Trump has done more to highlight the need for more manufacturing in the United States than offshore. He's the one who made an issue out of U.S.-made steel, for example, as a national security issue. He's dismissed as a jingoistic know-nothing for it, but he's been proven right over and over, as the coronavirus has shown.” --Victoria Taft

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