Monday, November 11, 2019

BOMBSHELL REPORT: "Whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella Directly Linked with Biden Effort to Fire Ukraine Prosecutor

If you're not following Stephen McIntyre on Twitter (@ClimateAudit), please do so now. That's an order. Now that formalities are out of the way, I want to share some highlights from McIntyre's amazing research that ties the alleged "Whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella to Joe and Hunter Biden. The efforts of the "whistleblower" may be more motivated about covering up his own activities than anything else.

McIntyre writes (abridged from Twitter):

... during his six months of tenure as Prosecutor General, Shokin had overseen the establishment of an anti-corruption bureau (NABU) as requested by US/West. A director (Sytnyk) had been appointed in April, offices set up in May, investigative staff hired in August.

He had also established a committee for appointment of a Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor (as requested) with appointment announced in November (Kholodnitsky).

After US-initiated regime change in Feb 2014, Shokin had been called out of retirement by new government to assist in reforming the Prosecutors' office, initially as a Deputy Prosecutor General, then appointed as Prosecutor General in Feb 2015.

To put this in perspective (and I don't wish to over-press coparison), Bill Barr was also a retired former official called out of retirement to reform a DOJ. Tensions inevitably arose between Barr and (for example) Andrew Weissman. Tensions also arose between Shokin and several ambitious younger Ukrainian prosecutors, especially Kasko, Sytnyk (who had been appointed head of NABU) and Sakveralidze, who had been imported from Biden's Georgia posse as a Deputy PG.

I don't pretend to be able to sort out the rights or wrongs of subsequent quarrels between Shokin and younger prosecutors. At a distance, it's impossible to sort out. I only observe that such quarrels arise when ambitious people are involved and, as shown below, US viceroys early on took the side of the prosecutors who were Weissman's age, not Barr's age.

As a preview, the influential Atlantic Council demanded a Robespierrian gutting of entire Ukrainian justice system, including the dismissal ("lustration") of all 10,000 judges. After all, <sarc> lustration of Saddam's army had worked out really well </sarc>.

Restating this:

Alleged "whistleblower" (I think "leakerblower" is a better description) Eric Ciaramella was himself involved in Biden's original quid pro quo (or, as the Democrats like to call it, "extortion").

Further, he seems to have been involved in the original Russia-collusion hoax. Having hosted them, Ciaramella is probably who asked the Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Manafort!

The efforts of the "whistleblower" may be more motivated about covering up his own activities than anything else.


Hat tip: BadBlue News, my 100% replacement for Drudge.


Alistar said...

Doug, could Adam Schiff and his party planners really be this stupid. Had to know about all this dirt....yet went ahead with the impeachment hoax? How could they expect all this dirt would not come out? Even with the corrupt media, they have to know it is 2019, have they ever heard of the internet? Radio? TV? Or even newspapers?

Misspriss said...

I am convinced, after 72 years of observation, that corruption not only makes one lazy(er), but it makes one STUPID. The mind runs on one lying scheming track, and loses the ability to create, innovate, improve, any of the things that make America great. S hiff is not really smart. Devious, calculating, evil, yes... But not truly smart.

nancyoooooh said...
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MikeP said...

@Misspriss, "I am convinced, after 72 years of observation, that corruption not only makes one lazy(er)..."

I think that, in their minds, despite Trump winning the election they somehow think that the Hillary legacy (and all of the deep state), will somehow save them from prosecution for Treason/sedition. The problem is, so far, they haven't been proven wrong.