Sunday, November 10, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx: Soviet-style show trial: Adam Schiff won’t let GOP call any witnesses

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Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, by Donald Trump Jr.
Soviet-style show trial: Adam Schiff won’t let GOP call any witnesses: Susan Ferrechio
Schiff Nixes 'Whistleblower' Testimony at 'Impeachment' Triggered by 'Whistleblower': CTH
Is Pelosi finally sick of the terrible damage Schiff is doing to her party?: Patricia McCarthy

‘Whistleblower’ and Schiff should be first to testify in Trump Impeachment Theater: John Kass
Gohmert: Dems Will Drag Out Impeachment -- Try to Get 'Best Socialist' Nominated: Jeff Poor
The Bonfire of the Democrats: Sic Semper Tyrannis

Violence in Chicago proves black lives don’t matter to liberal politicians: Gianno Caldwell
Demographic Jihad? Muslim Doctor Tied Womens’ Tubes Without Their Consent: PJM
Ilhan Omar Quite Aware She is Posting Antisemitic “Dog Whistles”: David Lange

Elizabeth Warren: Black Trans Women Are The Backbone Of Our Democracy: RS
Hugo Chavez advisor set to run... San Francisco District Attorney's office: Monica Showalter
Trump Greeted By Thunderous Applause At LSU-Alabama Game: Ryan Saavedra


Trump’s unheralded border success: José Cárdenas
Why Warren's Plan Will Lead to Worse Health Care: Brian Blase
The Trump Administration Wants To Charge Immigrants A Fee To Apply For Asylum: Jason Hopkins

Scandal Central

The “Coup” Against a Sitting U.S. President Became Official on October 29th, 2019: CTH
Is Lisa Page singing to Durham’s prosecutors?: Thomas Lifson
Impeachment witness Fiona Hill blows Steele dossier out of the water: Monica Showalter

Dennis Prager Lands Interview With Gen. Flynn’s ‘Honeypot’: All Americans Need To Hear Her Story: RS
The Ukraine Scandal Spreads: John Hinderaker
Understanding What Sidney Powell is Doing to Kill the Case Against Michael Flynn: Larry C. Johnson


It’s Not Republicans Who Are Reluctant to Accept Political Outcomes They Don’t Like: David Harsanyi
N.Y. Times Describes Decorated War Hero Lt. Col. Jim Hickman as ‘Florida Man’ and ‘Fan of QAnon’: Debra Heine
Unfit To Print Episode 30: ABC Chooses Royal Interview Over Taking Down Pedophile Sex Ring: Amber Athey

ABC News, CBS News face growing backlash over handling of Epstein leaker: Fox
CNN’s April Ryan Attacks Woman Who Pointed Out Baltimore Garbage Problem, ‘Cummings Never Got Over It’: RS
Reporters on CNN: Bernie's 'Open Borders' Immigration Plan Plays Into a Trump Ad: Alex Christy


The fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years later: Let us celebrate anew: Quin Hillyer
"Too Many to Count": The Global Persecution of Christians: Raymond Ibrahim
Protesters target malls, light train stations in five Hong Kong districts: RT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Report: 84% of Women Fail New Army Combat Fitness Test: Kharen Martinez Murcia
Russia ‘given Israel’s top interceptor missile’: Stephen Bryen
New metal inspired by fire ants could lead to unsinkable ships: Daily Mail


Let's play History-Is-Repeating-Itself!: Komissar al-Blogunov
Noted Squad Member Throws Her Weave Into the Ring for VP: Diogenes
The Witch of November: Edmund Fitzgerald Edition: MOTUS


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