Sunday, November 24, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: Republicans Seek to Subpoena Hunter Biden and “Whistleblower”

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Republicans Seek to Subpoena Hunter Biden and “Whistleblower”: Dan Bongino
Will Romney Vote to Impeach? The Strange Case of Pierre Delecto: Mark Ellis
Impeachment Requires Consensus: Andrew C. McCarthy

Biden Can’t Defend Himself as He Gets Heat at His Own Tiny Rally: Keith Koffler
Elizabeth Warren: Abortion Rights are Human Rights: Adrienne
Michael Bloomberg launches Democratic presidential bid: Steve Peoples

Why they won't convict Trump: Don Surber
Giuliani Sends Letter to Sen. Graham: Amb. Bill Taylor Blocking Witnesses: CTH
Responding to Lt. Col. Vindman about my Ukraine columns … with the facts: John Solomon

Polls: Endless Pursuit of Impeachment Spells Trouble for Democrats: Hannah Bleu
Democrats May Regret This Dance When Republicans Call the Tune: Ned Ryun
How Republicans Won Phase One Of Impeachment: Mollie Hemingway


The Swamp shuts down Rand Paul’s simple plan to pay for infrastructure: Brad Polumbo
Kamala Harris Plays Dictator, Threatens To ‘Snatch’ Drug Companies Patents: WZ
Would You Be Better Off Financially Under "Medicare for All"?: Heritage
Donors Beware: CityJurnal

Scandal Central

Giuliani Says Biden Documents to Be Released ‘If I Disappear’: Ros Krasny
NYT Reports U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Blackmailing President Trump…: CTH
Navy Secretary and Former Goldman Sachs Executive, Richard Spencer, Denies Threatening President Trump: CTH

Senators Seek 'Suspicious Activity Reports' on Ukraine, Hunter Biden: Breitbart
Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell had secret Buckingham rendezvous: Laura Italiano
Fiona Hill Testifies that Obama Was Putin's Puppet: Tom Trinko


Mark Levin on Impeachment Madness: Hannity
Whitewash? IG Report on FISA Abuses by Obama Administration Will Disappoint the Right: Rick Moran
'It’s only one side’s perspective': Carter Page slams FISA report as 'sloppy': Daniel Chaitin

CNN Parrots a Farcical Conspiracy Theory About Devin Nunes and Ukraine: RS
Rep. McCarthy: Adam Schiff knows he's losing on impeachment: Lou Dobbs
Rudy Giuliani on Fox News: Joe Biden is a Liar, and If They Wanna Indict Him, Bring It On!: Alex Parker


Dispatches From A Non-Genocide: BattleSwarm
Defecting Chinese spy offers information trove to Australian government: The Age
Iran and the Ayatollah's Fake Suicide-Belt: Amir Taheri

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Uber’s Introduction of Dashboard Cameras Raises Privacy Worries: Lizette Chapman
Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green Codes With Purpose: IBD
Egyptian archaeologists reveal stunning array of newly-discovered animal mummies: DailyMail


Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week: Wizbang
Poll: Majority Want Impeachment Hearings to Continue to Prevent Congress From Meddling With Our Lives: Bee
Russian government hackers broke into DNC servers, stole Trump oppo: Daniel Strauss


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