Sunday, November 17, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: Is Former CIA Director John Brennan the Leader of the Coup Against Trump?

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Is Former CIA Director John Brennan the Leader of the Coup Against Trump?: Aaron Maté
A Seditious Conspiracy: Vindman, “Whistleblower” Shaped Bogus Phone Account: CTH
Elise Stefanik’s Stardom is Born: LI

Revolt of the Ukraine Desk Bureaucrats: Clarice Feldman
Impeachment shows shouting a lie does not make it true: Don Surber
Here’s a witness Schiff doesn’t dare call in impeachment hearings: Post

State Dept docs connect Clinton, Nuland to Steele, Ukraine & Libya: Alex Christoforou
Jesse Watters: ‘Under Obama, Ambassadors Were Coming Back in Body Bags’: RS
House Releases Transcripts from Jennifer Williams and Tim Morrison Depositions: CTH

Democrat Incumbent John Bel Edwards Wins Reelection by 40,000 Votes: CTH
Louisiana delivers Trump a black eye: Politiho
Inside Mosques: Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia: Dave Gaubatz


Good News: UC Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian Wants Israel “Dismantled”: Canary Mission
Hospitals must now tell you their prices. This is “yuge.”: Sharyl Attkisson
Paul Krugman: Always Wrong, Never in Doubt: David Harsanyi

Scandal Central

Is Former CIA Director John Brennan the Leader of the Coup Against Trump?: Michael van der Galien
McMaster: The Ultimate Holdover: Jed Babbin (2017)
Prince Andrew says he would testify under oath in Epstein case if his lawyers approve: Caitlin Yilek


After Rep. Elise Stefanik Highlights Amba Yovanovitch False Statement – Stefanik Becomes a Target: CTH
Barr accuses liberal ‘resistance’ of trying to ‘sabotage’ Trump: Jon Levine
Roger Stone Reportedly Fears He Could Be ‘Epsteined’ in Prison: Wayne Dupree

Obama cautions 2020 candidates against going too far left: Rashaan Ayesh, Axios
My Friend Mister Rogers: Tom Junod
One of the Creepiest Ads I’ve Ever Seen: @MattWalshBlog


‘Oil-Rich’ Iran Imposes Fuel Rationing as U.S. Sanctions Bite: LI
Abandoning Malmö to Its Criminals: Henrik Jönsson
Denmark reinstates border checks at crossings to Sweden after bombings: The Guardian

Behind the Israel-Islamic Jihad flareup: Post
Britain is blindly kowtowing to China's censors: Juliet Samuel
The reason Jews are scared of a Corbyn government: Karen Glaser

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘Splain It To Me: GOC
Attorney general to FCC head: 'Huawei and ZTE cannot be trusted': Jerry Dunleavy
The dangers of "AI washing": Kaveh Waddell


Days That End in 'Y' - editorial 'toons & memes: LB1901
Bills Would Award Congressional Gold Medal to Army Rangers of WWII: Richard Sisk
Snowvember: MOTUS

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