Saturday, November 09, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Mark Levin on Impeachment: 'The Law Is on The President's Side'

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Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, by Donald Trump Jr.
Mark Levin on Impeachment: 'The Law Is on The President's Side': PJM
Vindman transcript: Schiff blocked GOP questioning about whistleblower: Susan Ferrechio
Schiff Coaches Witness Vindman to Ignore Some GOP Questions: Edwin Mora

Jim Jordan Joins House Intelligence Committee: CTH
Impeachment in The Courts: Arguments Scheduled for November 12th: CTH
6 GOP House members: Democrats obsessed with impeachment, ignore border crisis: ox

Elizabeth Warren Speaks to Empty Hall at Environmental Justice Forum: Cristina Laila
Biden knocks left-wing of Democratic Party: 'We shouldn't abolish ICE': Joseph Simonson
Bloomberg move underscores Democratic Party panic over 2020 field: Fox

Trump Has Appointed 25% Of All Circuit Court Judges: David Krayden
Clinton Fed Judge Launches Partisan Attack on President Trump: Daniel Greenfield
Now Mexicans flying to Canada and sneaking across the northern border: Anna Giaritelli

Gov. Ralph Northam confirms Virginia already 'working on' gun confiscation: Breck Dumas
Virginia’s Losses Could Point To Trump’s Reelection: I&I
Maryland Officials Drop Sanctuary Policy After Illegal Alien Sex Crimes: John Binder

Scandal Central

New Docs Shed Light on Ukraine Scandal: JW
“Whistleblower” Lawyer Bragged About Helping Government Workers with Child Porn Problems: GWP
Impeachment Witness Undercut Steele Dossier In Bombshell Testimony: Chuck Ross

Devin Nunes Formally Requests Testimony from Adam Schiff: CTH
Is IG Report on FISA Abuse on Pause to Facilitate NSA Bulk Data Re-authorization That Expires 12/15?: CTH
How Did the Alleged Ukraine Call Whistleblower End Up in the Mueller Report?: Tyler O’Neil


Our Democrat Party Press protected Jeffrey Epstein and crucified Brett Kavanaugh: Exam
‘It Wasn’t Me’: Alleged ABC Whistleblower Denies Leaking Video: Shelby Talcott
Transcript of President Trump Chopper Presser on Multiple Issues and Current Events: CTH

ABC Insider: Why I, alone, released the Amy Robach Epstein tape.: Veritas
Obama Better Hope Eric Holder Doesn't Jump into the 2020 Presidential Race: Matt Margolis
Michael Bloomberg Loves China, Will Ban Guns and Big Gulps: John Nolte


State Department Slams Iran for Blocking Nuclear Inspector From Accessing Contested Sites: Adam Kredo
EU should fear the jihadists it’s backing in Syria, not refugees – Assad to RT: RT
Iraqi PM calls for protests to allow a return to 'normal life': JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

In first, US doctors try CRISPR gene editing for cancer treatment: TOI
Creepy Chinese facial recognition system puts your name and photo on a billboard if you jaywalk: Mirror
US Military Duped Into Buying Chinese Cameras Rife With Flaws: Michael Kan


OK, Boomer: MOTUS
AOW 11/8/19: GOC
They are Rotten: Earl of Taint


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Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Bloomberg who quipped that a person runs out of justice when he runs out of money? So the professional Meddler thinks he's Presidential material. What a joke.
Was he not the one seen at Eteon Weapons and Biotech Facility in Ukraine?