Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx: GOP senator says ‘something going on’ with whistleblower lawyer’s anti-Trump history

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GOP senator: ‘something going on’ with whistleblower lawyer's anti-Trump history: Tim Pearce
Democrats Are in Deep Doo-Doo According to Rep. John Ratcliffe: Stu Cvrk
Giuliani: 'Pro-Hillary' Yovanovitch pressed Ukraine to 'hurt Donald Trump': Cheryl K. Chumley

Fascinating tie between George Kent and Eric Ciaramella: Stephen McIntyre
Rep. Zeldin: Testimony of OMB’s Mark Sandy ‘Very Bad Day’ for Impeachment Charade: RS
Let’s Stop Pretending Every Impeachment Witness Is A Selfless Hero: Federalist

Nearly 110,000 DACA Applicants Have an Arrest Record: USCIS: Katabella Roberts
Tough Trump policy prompts migrants to enter US, then flee to Canada: Anna Giaritelli
Trump administration plans rule to send illegal immigrants back to home country: John Gage

Trump Admin Kills Left's Main Line of Attack on Israel: Daniel Greenfield
Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for November 19, 2019: BattleSwarm
'My friend': Schiff praised doctor arrested on sex charges over 9-year-old girl: Caitlin Yilek


Evils of socialism must be taught to young people: Marc Thiessen
Trump's team delivers a big win for patients by making health costs clearer: Quin Hillyer
How Socialism Nearly Destroyed the Pilgrims: Bryan Fischer

Scandal Central

Democrats continue hiding origins of Ukraine investigation just as they did with origins of Russia investigation: Byron York
The Pending FISA Report and Potential Impact on Schiff and the House’s Impeachment Inquiry: Elad Hakim
As Biden, Kerry Went Soft on China, Sons Made Nuclear, Military Deals with Chinese Gov't: Tyler O’Neil (2017)

The State Department Money-Laundering Machine?: @HNIJohnMiller
DOJ responds to Strzok lawsuit: @Techno_Fog
DOJ outlines slew of Strzok 'security violations,' says wife learned of affair through unsecured phone: Fox


Analysis: Media's Biden Standard of 'No Evidence' Is a Double Standard: Eric Felten
10 Could Have Saved Sodom, and 10 in the House Can Save Our Nation's Integrity: Rabbi Michael Barclay
NY Times Hates 'Embarrassing' Fox, Longs for Good Old Days of Three Networks: Clay Waters

White House official sues Politico, targets Schiff’s role in impeachment: Howard Kurtz
Here’s How Impeachment Helps Democrats Even If They Fail: Hrand Tookman
Levin drops a truth bomb on Schiff and Democrats’ ‘witness intimidation’ claims against Trump: Nate Madden


Returning Foreign Policy-Making to the People: Diana West
Our European Friends: Caroline Glick
Claim: The Green Energy Lithium Rush is Destabilising South America: Eric Worrall

Iran’s Illegitimacy Exposed: Noah Rothman
Iran's protests: All you need to know in 600 words: Al Jazeera
Iran's Guards warn of 'decisive' action if unrest continues: Parisa Hafezi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Cops Can Now Get Warrants for Entire DNA Websites: Kristin Houser
New Type Of GPS Spoofing Attack In China Creates "Crop Circles" Of False Location Data: TheDrive
US SEC Takes Another Look at Rejected Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Proposal: CIT


A True Bags to Bitches Story: The Real Al Sharpton As Told To Himself: MOTUS
Trials and Tribulations: Stilton’s Place
#Shartgate: The Video: @RealSaavedra


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