Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Larwyn’s Linx Boom: Biden’s Ukraine firm pressed Obama administration to end corruption charges

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Biden’s Ukraine firm pressed Obama administration to end corruption charges: John Solomon
Rep. Gaetz: Impeachment ‘Is the Cop-Out for the Lack of an Agenda’: Craig Millward
Trump: 'No reason to call witnesses' in impeachment probe: TheHill

The Pajama Boy Whistleblower Revealed: EIB
Trump Rejects Whistleblower’s Written Answer Offer: James Barrett
Ukraine, Kerry and Quid-Pro-Joe: Steve Hilton -vs- Marie Harf: CTH

‘Everyone Is Nervous’: Wall Street Fears A Warren Presidency: Shelby Talcott
Democrats In 2020 Senate Races Snubbed By Wall Street Over Warren’s Attacks: WZ
Romney Has the Support of 81% of Americans. Wait, My Mistake, Reverse That, 19%: Ace

Impeachment Lawyer: Schiff, Pelosi On ‘Path To Disaster’ With Current Tactics: Sister Toldjah
While you were focused on Impeachment, Trump continued to transform judiciary: LI
Graham: If Trump's Impeachable, 'You Won't Have Any Presidents Left': Susan Jones


Friday's Jobs Report Unexpectedly Smashes Expectations; Prior Months Revised Upwards: Ace
Democrats Want Federal Office to Welcome Immigrants, Refugees: Penny Starr
Top Democrat defends 'Medicare for All' after Pelosi's critical remarks: TheHill

Scandal Central

Reconstructing Justice – Flynn Defense Submits Outstanding Sur-Surreply to Counter Prosecution: CTH
Court Rules New York Prosecutors can get Trump Tax Returns: VOA
Report: Vindman a Partisan Globalist Democrat Who Ridiculed Americans as "Rednecks" to Russians: Ace

A Corrupt Resolution's Damning Consequences: Chris Farrell
Lengthy Interview – Lee Smith: From Spygate to Impeachment “The Plot Against The President”: CTH
Lee Smith's Book Will Make Patriots' Blood Boil: Eric Georgatos


#Woke Terminator Soyquel Bombs; May Lose Studio $120 Million: Ace
The media if @realDonaldTrump was a Democrat. You guys see the difference? 🤣🤣🤣: @DonaldJTrumpJr
Fake News? No Jobs? Prospective Journalists Soldier on: AP

A Pregnant Mother Just Saved Her Family with an AR-15: Crowder
Behar Advises 2020 Dems: 'Don't Tell...Wait Until You Get Elected Then Take Guns Away: Kristine Marsh
The Number Of Democrats Showing Up At Trump Rallies Is Stunning: RS


Report: Iran Spending $1 Billion Each Year To Support Terrorism: WZ
US Tells UN it Is Bidding Adieu to Paris Climate Deal: Newsmax
Repentant Islamic State bride: “‘We are winning’ the battle against radical Islam”: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Stressed to the Max? New Study Shows Deep Sleep Can Reduce Anxiety By 30%: GNN
Microsoft experimented with a 4-day workweek, and productivity jumped by 40%: Lisa Eadicicco
Police interrogate Alexa for clues in fatal spear-stabbing: Sophos


You’re Gonna Need a Better Whistleblower: MOTUS
Authorities Discover Captured Sister Of Baghdadi Was Also Third Wife: Earl of Tain
The Commander and Chief Orders New Pants: Diogenes


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