Thursday, November 07, 2019

TRIGGER WARNING: Presidential Net Worth Comparison --- Before and After Leaving Office

By Biff Spackle

Joe Miller offers a critique:
Respectfully, it's likely to be the opposite. The way it's headed, expect Trump to be bankrupt and/or in jail just a short time after leaving office. That is, unless there's a clandestine effort to take the Oligarchs down. Let's hope it's the latter, or this country is toast.
To which I responded:
I agree completely. This is just meant to trigger the kooks.
Respectfully submitted by Biff Spackle, Sergeant-at-Arms.


Anonymous said...

adjusted for post-trump inflation that one trillion will only be worth the original 3.5 billion or less.


commoncents said...

Mark Levin interviewed on Fow News Sean Hannity show - Video

nancyoooooh said...
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