Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: Fallout from impeachment will be felt far and wide

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Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers: The Texas Victory That Changed American History, by Brian Kilmeade
Fallout from impeachment will be felt far and wide: Tom Shattuck
The Deep State Cabal Against Trump Is Very Real: EIB
4 Things to Expect as the Trump Impeachment Inquiry Goes Public: Fred Lucas

Schiff Threatens “Ethics Violations” If Lawmakers Mention Whistleblower: Edwin Mora
The Democrats and the media are fascist: Chris Pandolfo
Trump vs. the ‘Policy Community’: Andrew C. McCarthy

Elizabeth Warren's most ambitious con: Philip Klein
Hillary Says She’s ‘Under Enormous Pressure’ To Run For President (?): Chuck Ross
No, Michael Bloomberg will not save the Democrats: Byron York

The Silence of The Shams – “Some Witness Reviews Still Being Negotiated”: CTH
House “Impeachment” Hearings, Day One, Taylor and Kent – 10:00am Livestream: CTH
Do not forget the sheriff’s deputy also killed by Mexican cartels – on US soil: Daniel Horowitz


Trump Kicked the Sluggish Economy Into High Gear: Andy Puzder
RI Gov. Raimondo Pushes No-Bid Billion-Dollar Video Lottery Contract: Byran Preston
U.S. Cities Ban Natural Gas to Combat Climate Change; Gas Ranges on Chopping Block: Ron Brackett

Scandal Central

The Complete Timeline Of The Trump-Ukraine Story: Josh Hammer
Alex Vindman Is Living, Breathing Proof That The Deep State Exists, And It Is Corrupt: Jim Hanson
Money-making enterprise': Intelligence officer files complaint over whistleblower donations: Exam

Grassley Sounds the Alarm on Missing FISA Report: GWP
Sources: IG Report Expected Before Thanksgiving, Contains Criminal Referrals, Including for Comey: Debra Heine
Schiff: The First Rule Of Whistleblower Club Is That You Don’t Talk About Whistleblower Club: Ed Morrissey


Kanye West’s Political Awakening Transcends Black Democrats And Donald Trump: Sister Toldjah
Adam Schiff Tapped Former MSNBC Contributor To Question Key Ukraine Envoy: Sean Davis
Nikki Haley: We need to look into President Obama’s role in the Russia situation: Sara Carter

'News' Shows Try to Beat Trump Senseless: Bozell and Graham
I’m So Tired of Hollywood – Hooray for Its Doom : Kurt Schlichter
Mark Levin’s Fox News show No. 1 after moving to 8 p.m.: Paul Bedard


Israel’s targeted assassination of terror operative sends a double message: JNS
Gaza terrorists fire 100-plus rockets at Israel after strike on top Islamic Jihad commander: JNS
Is Iran Losing The Middle East?: Maya Carlin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google reveals ‘Project Nightingale’ after reports it secretly gathering personal health data: Mary Beth Griggs
With no laws to stop them, defense firms are on track to make killer robots a reality: Justin Rohrlich
DEA: Lethal doses of fentanyl found in 27 percent of counterfeit pills made by Mexican drug cartels: Q13 Fox


War Hero Takes On Leftist Agitators Ruining Veterans Day: Michael Van Der Galien
Epstein Didn't Kill Himself - All Images in One Thread!: Cube
Opening Day: MOTUS


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