Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Helpful Timeline on U.S. #Coronavirus Response

Maybe this list will help Marxists, progressives and other anti-American Democrats understand what President Trump was doing while the entire Democrat Congressional body was focused on... impeachment.

Democrats are a party focused on putting ideology above country. Every. single. time.       Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News.


Anonymous said...

I have another Biff Spackle request.

DNC nominee Hillary announces her VP choice will be Covid-19.

About the untimely deaths of the other DNC candidates -- Hillary said, "They were both old white men. I am sure that my VP pick Covie-wovie had nothing to do with it. You don't want to start rumors..... Do You......"


commoncents said...

VIDEO - Media Says 'Chinese Coronavirus' Term Is Xenophobic- Is That Why They've Used It?

Sibyl said...

EXCELLENT! Another very useful Doug Ross resource! Have passed this along.

PowerWordKek said...

Biden thinks he is going to school GEOTUSTrump on how to handle the Wuhan Chicken Flu?

Joe and Barry couldn't even build a website.