Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trashing the Lincoln Bedroom

The White House Lincoln Bedroom is a national treasure. In it, President Abraham Lincoln held cabinet meetings, planned campaigns with his generals, and signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln's handwritten copy of the Gettysburg Address is permanently stored in the Bedroom.

Over the course of Bill Clinton's administration, the Lincoln Bedroom was rented to 831 different people. That total does not include the Clintons' relatives or their guests (of which there were 35); nor does it include daughter Chelsea's guests (72).

Not only did Bill Clinton's heaviest donors rent the room, but CNN reported a little remembered controversy in September 2000: that Hillary Rodham Clinton was rewarding donors to her Senate campaign with stays in the Bedroom. While the Clintons insisted that there was no connection between Senate campaign donations and guest stays, they also could not dispute that about a quarter of those staying had contributed to Hillary's Senate coffers.

Two of the Lincoln Bedroom's renters -- Linda Thomason and actress Markie Post -- are pictured here trashing the bed by treating it like a trampoline. The bed itself is considered a national treasure. Expect more of the same should Hillary take the presidency.


Anonymous said...

That is not even the same room. Where is the wallpaper, overhead bed curtains and paintings that are always in the room? Also, the nightstands are different too. Not real.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous:
you dope, that is how the room was decorated during the 1990's. Laura Bush was the class act that had the bed restored to the way it looked in a bedroom in the White House in the 1860's (probably what is now the family dining room, but no one is certain). Also the wallpaper and carpeting are exact reproductions of the way the room looked as Lincoln's office. BTW-- Lincoln never slept in that bed, but he sure did sit beside it, grief-stricken, at 5PM on Feb. 20th, 1862 as his 11-year old son Willie died in it! Markie Post and Linda Thomason are trash.

John W. said...

The wallpaper and carpet are not "exact reproductions" as you have said. But yes, I agree that jumping on the bed should be a hangin' offense.

Anonymous said...

Markie Post and Linda Thomason are disrespectful whores. Who jumps on any piece of furniture that they do NOT own like that? I would call them hillbillies but that is an insult to hillbillies.

Anonymous said...

Markie Post and Linda Thomason are "whores" and "trash" because they jumped on some old Lincoln bed? It doesn't even look like Markie is jumping just standing. Sheesh, lighten up. You act liked they killed someone. BTW, I hope Hillary runs in 2016 and wins. Maybe she will invite Markie back to the White House to jump on the bed again. HA HA HA

Parental said...

So, should I vote for Hillary because she is a woman? I am not that stupid. Hillary is a tired old woman. True. Not fit physically or mentally to handle the mess our "black" President has gotten us into. Vote for leadership, strength, conviction and proof, not lies deceit and thievery. The first man is a pedophile and a lire as well. True.