Monday, April 18, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Cruz Wins Wyoming, Trump Threatens Chaos

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Cruz Wins Wyoming, Trump Threatens Chaos: Deanna Fisher
5 Reasons Ted Cruz Is The Best Choice For President: Jay Caruso
There is just so much wrong with Hillary: David Lawrence

New Poll is Big News for Trump in New York, Pennsylvania and California: Leon H. Wolf
Ted Cruz continues work to lock down Washington State.: Moe Lane
New York investigates mysterious voter fraud allegations: Jazz Shaw

Report: Trump hit on beauty pageant founder, contestants: Robert King
Cruz Campaign's Masterful Performance at GOP State Conventions: Rick Moran
Trump widens lead in California, nearing majority support: Jazz Shaw

Sleeping Dogs Are Waking: Victor Davis Hanson
Donald Trump isn’t the Biggest Loser in the Delegate Game: Leon H. Wolf
Sanders's scathing Clinton attack invigorates Brooklyn crowd: Niall Stanage


Fed Sends a Frightening Letter to JPMorgan; Corporate Media Yawns: WSOP
What in the World is Going on with Banks this Week?: Great Recession
U.S. Economy 2016: 3 Classic Recession Signals Are Flashing Red: Michael Snyder

The Entire Status Quo Is a Fraud: Charles Hugh Smith
Poster child for CA ‘living wage’ policies planning to start fleeing minimum wage increases: Moe Lane
Fiscal Cost of Illegal Aliens and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer: Robert Rector and Jason Richwine (2013)

Scandal Central

FCC agents told to keep Obamaphone fraud secret from Congress until after approval to expand: BPR
Declassified Cable: Pakistani Intelligence Agency Funded Deadly Attack on CIA Personnel: CNS
Final proof Obama and Holder buried Fast and Furious: Sam Rolley

Climate & Energy

4 feet of global warming cancels big 420 rally in Denver: Twitchy
Another taxpayer-funded solar company fails: Jerome R. Corsi
Obama To Score Big Win On Paris Hotcoldwetdry Accord On Earth Day Or Something: Cove


Poll: Vast majority of Americans don't trust the news media: CNS
Reince Priebus Schools Donald Trump On How Math Works: RS
Please DO NOT SHARE this “Bernie is My Comrade” graphic: LI

Great interview with @TedCruz on California radio show ‘John and Ken’: Scoop
Self-Identifying: College Students Unwittingly Reveal The Absolute Idiocy That Comes With It: Patterico
Mom Drops Logic Bomb on Militant Deviancy: MB

Is “The System” Really Rigged?: Derek Hunter
Obama's immigration order overreaches: Our view: USA Today Editorial Board
Rule 34 Blog: Via Ace


Thanks, Obama! Cuban Activist Living in USA for Nearly Half a Century Ordered Deported: JWF
Russian Jet Threatened U.S. Recon Aircraft: Bill Gertz
Coexist: Ferocious battle at Paris migrant camp: Refugees armed with metal poles clash with vigilantes: DailyMail

Obama’s Security Advisor: ‘Promoting Sustainable Development’ Will Help 'Defeat ISIL's Ideology': CNS
The Hijab and The Citadel: Toni Williams
Death Toll in Ecuador Rises to 272 After 'Strongest Quake in Decades': ABC News

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Wallpaper Camera Wraps Around Any Surface: Eric Niiler
British Airways plane possibly hit by drone near Heathrow: John Ribeiro, IDG News
ModPOS – The Mechanics of a POS Malware Framework: David Bisson


(Photos) Abandoned homes in Chicago's violent Austin neighborhood: Marathon
Everything was going along fine until a big wind blew it over.: MOTUS
Photos: Texans begin 2016 cheerleader tryouts: Houston Chronicle Sports

Image: Everything was going along fine until a big wind blew it over.
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QOTD: "Have we ever elected a president who was being investigated by the FBI? It makes me lose all faith in this country.

Trump is clumsy, bold, and outspoken. Yet he has the integrity of the police compared to a criminal gang like the Clintons." --David Lawrence

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