Saturday, April 09, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Let My People Go: How Trump and Cruz Deliver the GOP

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Let My People Go: How Trump and Cruz Deliver the GOP: Mark S. Hanna
Levin: Here’s What Ted Cruz Means by ‘New York Values’: CR Wire
AP Poll: Negative view of Trump nears 70 percent: John Sexton

Rumors of Donald Trump’s demise have been greatly exaggerated: Scott Morefield
Lindsey Graham: Nominating Paul Ryan at the Convention Would Destroy the GOP: Ace
1,237 Is Not Just Rule, But Essentially Is Law: Erick Erickson

Run Against Obama: Mona Charen
Trump Conceding Colorado to Cruz?: Ace
Streisand Wrong: Hillary Unpopular Because Of Her Record, Not Her Gender: Carrie Lukas

U.S. Muslims to overtake Jews by 2026: Leo Hohmann
The Top 7 Ways Liberals Are Waging War on Women: John Hawkins
U.S. state gives Muslims ‘JIHAD 1’ license plate: Chelsea Schilling


2016: Americans To Spend More On Taxes Than Food, Clothing, Shelter: Patterico
Obama Wants Banks to Use More "Subjective Judgment" Issuing Mortgages: Steve Sailer
Something to Watch Closely – Puerto Rico Demands Federal Taxpayer Bailout: Treehouse

Scandal Central

Don’t Be Fooled: The White House Is Still Stonewalling Fast & Furious: Bob Owens
Could Ohio charge Roger Stone for telling Trump fans to visit anti-Trump delegates’ hotel rooms?: Hot Air
FBI probing Mayor de Blasio’s fundraising activities: Post

Former FBI official: Hacker likely extradited for Clinton probe: Rudy Takala
Will Guccifer Upend Hillary?: Roger L. Simon
No Coincidence Romanian Hacker Guccifer Is Extradited To US Amid Clinton Probe: WZ

Climate & Energy

Subpoenaed Into Silence on Global Warming: Megan McArdle
Math Models: Maggie's Farm
Climate-change models wrong on predicting rain, drought extremes: study: Valerie Richardson


Black Lives Matter Organizer Claims Black on Black Crime Is a ‘Myth’...: Blaze
Trump Accused of Using Fake Twitter Accounts to Manipulate the Election: Carey Wedler
Special Flower Trump Throws Late Night Hissy Because Meanies Won’t Let Him Steal the Nomination: Caleb Howe


The Iranian Nuclear Deal Keeps Getting Worse: Michael J. Totten
Three Million Muslim Immigrants Prepared for Voyage to Europe: Unveiled
Former Congressman on Fighting Radical Islamist Terrorists: ‘We Are in World War lll’: Penny Starr

US commander: Islamic State has 6,000 fighters in Hillary's Broken Libya: Lolita C. Baldor
Will ISIS Ever Run Out Of Suicide Bombers?: Vocativ
Good idea! China Overwhelmingly Supports Death Penalty for Corrupt Officials: Zachary Keck

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A Jetpack Nears Liftoff, but Creator Fears Dream Is Grounded: Nick Perry
NBA player banned from using Whoop wearable during games: Michael Sawh
DJI+ Discover is a New Social App for Drone Photographers: Michael Zhang


One Thing Is Always Worse Than Another Thing: MOTUS
Blue Jays Coach Infuriated After New MLB Rule Costs Team Game in 9th Inning: Olivery Darcy
Burn Notice: J. Edgar Hoover's best insults: MuckRock

Image: US commander: Islamic State has 6,000 fighters in Hillary's Broken Libya
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "... in talking about sexism, it is grossly inaccurate to imply—as Streisand does and as countless other feminist leaders are sure to parrot—that being a woman is an anchor dragging Clinton down. In reality, the benefits Clinton receives from being a woman—potentially the first to reach the Oval Office—far outweigh the drawbacks associated with her sex. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem go so far as to suggest women are obliged to vote for Clinton based on her sex alone, and somehow such calls for blind gender loyalty aren’t called out as sexism at its worst.

If Mrs. Clinton had a stellar record, if she weren’t notoriously ethically challenged, if she hadn’t evaded transparency laws and compromised classified materials on private servers, if her family hadn’t sopped up millions in questionable payments from Wall Street, if she were able to articulate a compelling vision for the country, she’d have locked up the nomination months ago. Sexism—the strong desire among many to get a woman into the presidency—is Hillary Clinton’s biggest asset." --Carrie L. Lukas

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