Thursday, April 14, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Hi. It’s me, Jeff. And I have something to say.

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Hi. It’s me, Jeff. And I have something to say.: Protein Wisdom
Poll: Trump just 2 points behind Clinton, wins most Cruz voters: Paul Bedard
With a 5/7 Deadline, Trump Only Hired a Cali Political Director Yesterday: Erick Erickson

Syrian surge! ‘Refugees’ flood into U.S. at rate of 358 per week: Leo Hohmann
Trump’s Convention Manager is Wrong About April Delegate Projections: Robert Eno
Kasich has a Legal Problem with his New Jersey Delegates: Robert Eno

How Hillary Clinton’s Misuse Of Classified Documents Alters U.S. Law: Angelo Codevilla
Hillary: Why Yes My Proposals Require a $1 Trillion Tax Hike: Katie Pavlich
Clinton Announces Immigrant Affairs Office Amid Heated NY Primary: Molly O'Toole

Cruz suggests prison for Clinton: Rudy Takala
Obama puts his thumb on the scale for Hillary: John Kass
Ted Cruz might have enough support to block Trump on second ballot: Rebecca Shabad


Feds Could Save Hundreds of Billions By Killing Redundant Programs: Elizabeth Harrington
Why is the Media Covering Up Recessionary Data?: Jim Quinn
Loophole Allows People to Receive Disability and Unemployment at the Same Time: Melanie Hunter

Scandal Central

Russias Jets Make ‘Simulated Attack’ On US Warship, Obama Responds By Doing Nothing: WZ
Iran Blocking Congressional Access to Country, Nuke Sites: Adam Kredo
Obama lawlessness: IRS says it’s OK for illegal aliens to use fraudulent Social Security numbers: Fellowship

Four Months After Promising “Regular Order”, Paul Ryan Announces Chance for 2017 Budget: Treehouse
Shoe Company: Obama Admin Pressured Us to Stay Quiet on TPP: Jim Swift
Snowden slams Clinton double standard on classified information: Rudy Takala

Climate & Energy

Promise Kept: Barack Obama Breaks the Coal Industry: Steve Milloy


Facebook Billionaire Living in Fortress Condemns "Fearful Voices" "Building Walls": Daniel Greenfield
Soviet Immigrants Rip Sanders Supporters' Stupidity: Daniel Greenfield
Planned Parenthood Email Shows Cruz Terrifies Them: JD Rucker

Rape and Civility: Ken White
36 Reasons to Stop Me Before I Tweet Again: Larry Elder
Ted Cruz Daughters Steal the Show at CNN Town Hall With This Moment: Oliver Darcy


In the City of the Decadents: Daniel Greenfield
Is NATO Worth Preserving?: Victor Davis Hanson
Hundreds of Muslim invaders hijack a train carriage to use as a battering ram: BNI

The Africa Problem: The Z Man
Another Gun Ban, Another Horrific Outcome (Venezuela Edition): CPRC
Socialism Works: Venezuela Is So Broke It Can’t Even Print Its Own Money: PanAm Post

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

9 open source robotics projects: Jason Baker
CDC: Zika virus causes birth defects: Robert King
Node.js Foundation Survey: Janet Swift


On Thomas Jefferson's Birthday, Here Are His Most Prophetic Statements: ZH
Warning: Objects in Mirror Are Dumber Than They Appear: MOTUS
Possible $100M Caravaggio painting found in attic after 400 years missing: Ed Adamczyk

Image: Russia Jets Make ‘Simulated Attack’ On US Warship, Obama Responds By Doing Nothing
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "...even under the older, more permissive view of the Espionage Act, Hillary Clinton is in big trouble. It is not possible to argue that she maintained a private system of communication for public business in a fit of absentmindedness. Pleading ignorance or nonchalance about whether the information that crossed her inbox over four years as secretary of State was irrelevant to the safety of Americans is untenable prima face.

Nor can she take refuge in the fact that much classified information is classified improperly. Surely, secretaries of State get documents that come from communication intercepts, unmistakably. Mishandling those is supposed to get you ten years in the slammer plus a $10,000 fine for each count. Then there are the Special Access Programs, the very subject matter of which justifies the Codeword classification.

In short, her case cannot be laid in front of a jury, grand or petit, without a nasty outcome. That is why the Democratic Party cannot allow it to get there. " --Angelo Codevilla

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had a long comment on Jeff's incoherent psychotic post blaming some of his most loyal readers for all the troubles in the US, but in a 2nd look at the comments, I GOT IT!

At the beginning of Jeff's latest nervous breakdown-special butterfly ego trip, he told us how he wasn't getting paid enough to waste his level of talent and that Twitter was the key. For whatever reason, he decided that 5000 followers on Twitter would translate into The Precious beginning to make the kind of money a great talent deserved. So he quit writing to master Twitter until he could get his 5000.

Couple that with the now widely known that Eric Erikson, Mark Levin, and other bloggers are making really big bucks pushing Cruz on unsuspecting followers and I get it.

His little tirade took him to less than 70 Twitter followers from his "magical" goal.

I get it.


All he had to do was throw a few of his best net friends in the world, people who have for 6-8-10 YEARS supported him faithfully, emotionally, financially, and by probably writing more words on his site than he has, under the bus.

He did it in his newly learned Twitter style stupid and incoherent, but flashy and attention grabbing!

What was it Elmo called him? "A worthless pussified attention-whore piece-of-shit", I believe it was.


Ole Ez