Monday, April 04, 2016

REPORT: Donald Trump said to have "blackmail file" on Fox News' Roger Ailes

The Daily Beast's Harry Siegel points us to a fascinating tidbit from Gabriel Sherman's moronic profile of Donald Trump.

Of course, said report hardly explains Megyn Kelly.

I call Sherman's screed moronic because he asserts that the rise of Trump is due to, in no particular order, "Obama-inspired racism, Hillary-inspired misogyny, resistance to all manner of social change," etc.

No mention of Trump's focus on Kate Steinle and the onslaught of violence at the hands of illegal aliens that put border security front and center for the American public.

But that's typical of The New Yorker, an infestation of lies, omissions of fact, propaganda, Marxism and stupidity the likes of which one seldom sees outside the pages of The New YorK Times.

Hat tip: Marilyn.

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