Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Will Trump Learn from Wisconsin?

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Image: Cruz Overtakes Trump in National Poll
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "We need to follow the rules, and under the rules, if no one gets to 1237 delegates --if nobody wins a majority before the convention-- then there are going to be two names on the ballot. My name and Donald Trump's name. And the convention will be decided by whoever can earn a majority of the delegates who were elected by the people. I think if we get to that situation, a contested convention, I think we will be in a very strong position to win a majority, become the nominee, and go on to defeat Hillary Clinton in November...

Where are the Rubio and Kasich delegates going to go? I think they naturally come to us." --Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)


Anonymous said...

It’s plain as the graffiti on a Dumpster: Time for Trump to get out of the race.

Playtime for millionaires is over, someone close to “The Donald” (who he can’t fire for uttering a discouraging word ) has to approach him and let him know that it’s time to put his “abortive” experiment to bed and suspend his campaign. (or douse the dumpster fire, whichever analogy fits)

And while he had a good run and perhaps accomplished a few things like downing political correctness and selling red baseball caps the damage has been excessively conspicuous.

Let’s face it, while politicians aren’t the most sought after in terms of honesty and forthrightness, they do have their place in polite society. You hire a brain surgeon to do brain surgery, a property developer to develop property and a political personality to handle politics. We all have a place on God’s green earth with a purpose to fulfill and one must play to one’s strengths.

The past few weeks has shown that “The Donald” is way out of his element in terms of his innate abilities and weaknesses. A man who cannot hold his tongue (or Tweet as the case may be) shows himself to be particularly unsuitable for high office – especially the first time off the starting blocks. Such “non political” celebrities can be supremely entertaining in the reality show of life, but when it comes to matters of life and death the man (or woman) you want one who takes a considered approach to and thinks before speaking (or tweeting) out lest damage control becomes a repeated functionality in an ever tightening feedback loop.

Each new day brings forth embarrassing manifestations, the man can’t speak without putting his foot in his mouth (Too bad that expression isn’t related to his hands – they might fit with room to spare, but I digress) Instead of unified thought he flies off the handle with insults and gaffes that cost several precious news cycles off message to mitigate the damage.

Consider this enumeration of the succession of debacles that stand out as the most egregious in the past few weeks.

Instead of quickly apologizing to Michelle Fields the Trumpster choose to act like a leftist thug attacking and trying to denigrate her story. Trump fans taunted her with questions of why she didn’t file a police report and why there was no video of the event after which the whole thing blew up in their collectives faces.

The ‘retweet’ attack on the wife of the Ted Cruz – along with his other chauvinistic calamities -should put him is good stead to lose100% of the female vote, which appears to be his sought-after goal.

Donald Trump has LOST several contests in a row, with his polling in a nosedive and his campaign in alert condition Orange.

All of this culminating in the Trumpster’s ignominious defeat in Wisconsin, his 4th in a row. And instead being magnanimous in that defeat Trump choose to be petty and vindictive, along with hurling a spurious accusation of the commission of a Federal crime. These are not the confident actions of a man on a winning streak but the contemptible misdeeds of a failure in a steep decline.

Part of the man’s appeal is his whining. Er.. winning.. but his polls are tanking and he’s losing primaries even with his friends in the media provide him with 5 times the coverage

Trump’s numerous gaffes, missteps and flip-flops makes it plain the man is not ready for prime time, he’s not even ready for late night infomercials for the “Trump network”.

Anonymous said...

This is not to mention that the man is destined to lose in the November election, an election the right should win with their eyes closed. Bear in mind this is not a candidate who made a few missteps and can recover, this is a man who’s been in the public eye for decades. Trumps is a very a polarizing figure, people either hate the man or have fallen for his scams and schemes. This time around is no different, Trumpfins seem not to care about each new revelation and colossal mistake and blithely go on supporting the man. This aside for the folks supporting Trump from the other side who are salivating at a landslide victory against him.

Side note: Shouldn’t “Republicans” who support Trump be abjectly horrified by all of his antics over the past few weeks? And yet they are not…… makes you contemplate if they are truly “Republicans”?

It’s assured that Trump has some temporary advantages, primarily a fawning media that lets him have full reign with his Trump Scam infomercial with nary a hard question asked. But were the Trumpster to get the nomination that advantage would quickly turn around with the left now out to get him at each turn. The same holds true for all the Temporary cross over voters from the left trying to choose the worst possible candidate for our side.

In summary, we are seeing a campaign fly apart before our very eyes, wrecking itself on the rocks of history. Shouldn’t we put it out of our misery while there is still time to save the country?