Monday, April 11, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Not Really TOP SECRET TOP SECRET

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Not Really TOP SECRET TOP SECRET: Scott Johnson
Obama Interferes in Hillary Email Case: Edmund Kozak
Obama and the bathtub: Althouse

Trump Losing Delegates in State After State Through Incompetence: Patterico
Drudge Report Pushing Old Story From August To Rile Up Trump Supporters: Sooper
Bubba Bites Back Against Black Liives Matter: Heather Mac Donald

A Time for Real Republican Leadership: Star Parker
Trump Explains The Art Of A Lie To His Supporters: Jacob Bunn
Trump Won't Release Transcripts After Demanding Obama Release His: Jamie Weinstein

Divided Democrats: Welcome To Philadelphia: Derek Hunter
De Blasio on WaitingTo Endorse Hillary: I Was Running On ‘Colored People’ Time: WZ
Sotomayor: What the Supreme Court really needs is more diversity: Jazz Shaw


Common Core, R. I. P.: Stuart Schneiderman
Obama Says Our $17.8 Trillion Debt-Laden Economy Is Booming, Baby!: V. Saxena
Trump touts terrific tariff to fix manufacturing job loss in New York: Kyle Feldscher

Scandal Central

The Progressive Liberal's Push Toward Tyranny: Dr. Richard Ebeling
Former FBI official: Hacker likely extradited for Clinton probe: Rudy Takala
The One Kind of Diversity Colleges Avoid: John Hasnas

Obama: Not going to help Hillary get out of FBI investigation: Rudy Takala
NYPD corruption scandal leads straight to de Blasio: Michael Goodwin
60 Minutes: Classified '28 pages' may shed light on Saudi ties to terrorism: Jessie Hellmann

Climate & Energy

Group: Al Gore using 'McCarthy-style tactics' to criminalize climate change critics: Paul Bedard
The Grossest Thing on the Beach: Keira Butler


Boston Globe Plays The Onion: Offers Fake Sunday Front Page Mocking President Trump: Cube
Hollywood Schemes to Drive America to the Left: John Hinderaker
Trump aide accuses Cruz of 'Gestapo tactics' in delegate race: Rudy Takala

‘Obsessed With Sex’?: R.S. McCain
Paul Krugman Is Annoying: Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Homeless teen charged with murder of UT student: Lauren McGaughy


Islam is Colonialism, Palestine is Colonialism: Sultan Knish
Belgian Jihadi Carried Material Used to Infect People with Typhoid and Cholera: Pamela Geller
Was Islam Really More Tolerant Than Christianity?: Danushka Goska

Failed Socialist State Tells Women Not to Use Hair Dryers: Daniel Greenfield
Migrants injured in Greece-Macedonian border clashes: Eszter Zalan
The March to Mosul Continues While Fallujah Starves: Lara Jakes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Schumer proposes $25K reward for social media extremist tips: AP
Google drops free Fiber in Kansas City: Rich Edmonds
This Could Be London's First Wooden Skyscraper: Jamie Condliffe


The Democracy Trap: It’s a Rabbit Hole: MOTUS
Will Smith’s Killer Cardell Hayes Did Security For Saints; Shooting Wasn’t Random: Robert Littal
John Oliver Trolls Error-Prone Credit Bureaus With Horrible, Sound-Alike Companies: Chris Morran

Image: This Could Be London's First Wooden Skyscraper
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Help Protect Our Constitution: Ted Cruz for President

QOTD: "Through all the progressive's rhetoric about "democracy" and "equality" and "social justice" and "diversity," theirs is a political philosophy and public policy ideology of elitism, hubris, and authoritarianism dominated by the idea and ideal of remaking human beings, human relationships and the structure and order of society into redesigned patterns and shapes that reflect their notion of how people should live, work, associate and earn a living.

That is why the modern liberal or progressive represents the face of a contemporary political, economic and cultural "soft" tyranny – compared to the brutal and murdering totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century – against which the classical liberal and libertarian must continue their centuries-long fight for human liberty." --Dr. Richard Ebeling


Eskyman said...

Not a word about how Colorado voters have been disenfranchised by dirty lawyer tricks committed by the RNC? Now which lyin' lawyer would benefit from that... oh, I know! It's the Underground Establishment candidate, Lyin' Ted!

Who is swanning around taking credit for his treachery, like it's a good thing.

This is a great example of why so many millions are realizing that it's got to be Trump for President. He's not good at deceiving the public, hiding his agenda, and pretending to be a conservative until after the election!

Go TRUMP! If it's not too late to save this country, you're apparently the only man who can do it!

Anonymous said...

Certainly the non-election in Colorado is meaningless. Not even "Real Clear Politics" will count delegates from the state. Bottom line....
+ Cruz can win caucuses
+ Cruz can win conventions
-- Cruz sufferers in true voter elections (primaries, general elections)

If somehow Cruz manages to obtain the nomination it will be another Romney / McCain like blow out as his appeal is exclusive to GOPe establishment elites, not actual voters. Of course, the GOP elites may throw him over for Kasich or someone else.

If you want to beat the democrats "VOTE TRUMP".

If you want to "Cruz to Loose" to the democrats.... you can make that choice, just understand that a vote for Cruz is a vote for Hillary.

directorblue said...

No, Trump can't win: Timothy P. Carney
‘Hillary would beat him from jail’: Glenn Thrush
Trump Is The Weakest GOP Front-Runner In The Modern Era: Harry Enten
Colorado Delegate Reveals Trump Campaign’s ‘Frustrating’ Treatment of Supporters: Virginia Kruta

I'll take the Constitutionalist over the, eh, whatever Trump is.

Anonymous said...

Cruz is an funded, owned, and operated tool of Goldman Sachs -- Therefore, an opponent of the American people and the US Constitution.

Who is this "Constitutionalist" you are advocating for? I don't see how you can bring Carson back at this late date.